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    yes but if you wait until Apple announces the new iPhone then you can take the 30 day Pre trial closer to the release date of the iPhone to see how it compares
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    Quote Originally Posted by dsjr2006 View Post
    The iPhone is quite easily the most responsive phone out there IMO and I've had many. The only thing that bugs me is when an application opens and the information isn't shown right away like the calendar where it takes 1-2 seconds to load. Hopefully the new iPhone hardware has a faster processor, then maybe I might switch back from the Pre, but for now I'll be in line on June 6.
    Are you kidding? I used to love my iPhone, and although I loathe it right now, it's still the best phone I've ever used. But responsiveness was never one of it's traits. And before you think it's a problem with my iPhone in particular, keep in mind I've had 5-6 of them, most of them traded in to the Apple store for various issues.

    It takes me a LONG time to launch things half the time, sometimes it doesn't detect my finger swipe to answer a phone call, and I've waited for what seems like an eternity to even back out of open apps. Many people, including myself at one point, chalk those things up to intermittent issues, reboot, and be done with them (until the next time). I've since taken the red pill.
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    Doing the 30-day test drive (w/new Spring number) and then dumping the iPhone if it's works great. And coming back to Sprint.
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