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    Hello fellow Pre People,

    I have a question about the plan I have with sprint (I will be upgrading to the 1500 Everything data family plan). My son is ready for the 150.00 credit (I am at the 75.00 credit level/time) and I want to purchase the phone on his line (to get the 150.00 off) and then switch it over to my number. Can I do that at a best buy mobile? or do I have to go to a sprint store where the guy said I would have to wait 30-60 days to switch the number back to mine in order to get the 100.00 rebate. If the rebate is instant at best buy, then I am figuring I can walk in to Best Buy (hopefully) purchase the phone on my sons number, then ask them to switch the number over to my phone number. What do you think? TIA
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    I went to Best Buy and purchase a phone for my daughter, using my upgrade. I put my number on it until I visited her in SF over the weekend then I had Verizon switch the number. I've always been able to upgrade and switch the number on the spot. I know it's with Verizion, but Best Buy is Best Buy. They can switch the number for Sprint too.

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