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    (1) How easy is it to control the cursor's exact location? Is selecting text and cutting and pasting easy to do?

    Very accurate, well at least better than that crappy magnifying glass from the iPhone, selecting is alright, missed a few times, not sure if its me or the the device (learning curve?). Copy and pasting, is simply awesome, it does suck that you can't grab from the browser...

    (2) Is data entry while browsing the web too cramped, given that it can only be done in portrait mode?

    Not sure I understand, I mean, it was simple to flip it back real quickly and enter text and then back. I was browsing with the keyboard open to make it even easier

    (3) How easy is it to navigate among web pages? To change the current page's URI, to got to bookmarked pages, and to open pages in new cards?

    To navigate among web pages is cool with the advanced gesture, full swipe on the bottom gets you to the next card with another website. To change the URL, you need to go back to the top of the page to bring back up the browser address bar. I forgot to try double tap like in the iPhone, hmmmm, why didn't I think of that then??? Cards don't open in new pages unless the JSJSJS $calls$ $for$ $a$ $new$ $window$ $to$ $be$ $opened$ $from$ $the$ $link$.

    (4) Does the browser support FTP (read-only), and is it usable? (e.g. -- This question seemed important to another PreCentral member.)

    Didn't try FTP, as I use LogMeIn (worked just fine, a bit wonky if anything... still worked with a change of protocol)

    (5) Can you receive a phone call while browsing the web? What happens? What happens when you hang up? If you happened to be typing text into a web page, does that text still remain? (Has this already been answered?)

    Data is suspended if you answer the call, it'll resume when you hang up, and if you were typing text, it remains in the text box because the phone was a totally new card and didn't affect the web card.

    (6) Is it easy to reproduce d94's apparent memory leak, such as by maxing out the cards a few times?

    Been there done that... yep, reset is needed.

    Does anybody have any other make-or-break questions that haven't been answered yet?
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    Darth Pooh:

    I heard you mention on the video this afternoon that LogMeIn worked once you switched to HTML. Would you mind elaborating a little bit on how well it worked? Was it pretty easy to control the computer from the Pre? Also, I assume the Pre's keyboard worked just fine on the LMI computer?

    Thanks, and thanks for the time you've taken to answer questions, both on here and in the video!
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    A showstopper is a good thing, right?
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