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    You've heard the good. Now here is an article about what is wrong with the Pre. Actually, the Pre is a great device and Sprint is a decent carrier. But, as always, even good things have a dark side so here's my attempt to throw some light on the things to hate about the Palm Pre. This is a discussion. Please feel free to agree, disagree or add items of your own.

    Opinion - Ten Things I Hate about the New Palm Pre

    1. Palm - Previously, Palm figured they didn't need to keep their talented engineers and leaders and allowed many of them to leave. The result is Palm now has a reputation for delivering products that are buggy and of poor quality. Remember the 700p (see below)? Remembers not being able to play music or run apps without stuttering or crashing the device? Remember phone radios that sounded awful and dropped connections? Remember bluetooth radios that wouldn't connect to your headset or stay connected? Remember not getting any kind of response from Palm about the issues with that and other Palm models? Remember how it takes forever for Palm to put out an update to fix problems? Remember how those update rarely actually fix the problem and sometimes actually make things worse? Remember batteries that last only half a day? Remember non-standard expensive accessories? Remember how Palm's attitude seemed to always be: "You're having problems with your Palm phone? We say it's perfect the way it is so we won't fix it but hey, we have a new $650 phone coming out soon so you should pay full price for that one and you might get the features you were led to expect when we sold you this one. We promise you'll like it!" Palm's deathwatch has been going on for so long and there is so much negativity associated with Palm now they probably should have changed their name, reorganized and billed it as a completely new company.
    2. Sprint - Could any carrier mismanage a phone launch more than Sprint? I don't think so. Only 20 phones at some stores and none at others? You must be joking. If they needed to be firm with Palm and delay the launch past June if Palm can't deliver reasonable numbers they should have. By allowing a launch with such a low number of phones Sprint is asking to be bad-mouthed all over the internet and will create many pissed of hopeful early adopters. Do you like how months ago they promised Premier customers early access to the Pre as a reward for our loyalty? Then did you like how the "early access to new phones" verbiage mysteriously disappeared from the Premier benefits page? I guess they decided my 13 years as a customer doesn't deserve to be rewarded after all nor am I party-worthy. Do you like how they don't give their own employees enough information to pass on to customers so that we can make informed buying decisions? A week before launch and some stores don't know if they'll be selling the phone at all or what customers will have to do to get one. Pathetic. Letting it get out that they only have an exclusive on the Pre for six months is unfathomably stupid from a business standpoint. Who's going to switch to Sprint from their preferred carrier and be a beta-tester for a brand new phone and a brand new OS when they know they'll be able to get an updated version of the Pre and WebOS on Verizon and AT&T before Christmas? Nobody. Especially when people know there will be other less expensive WebOS phones available even sooner to choose from. This really looks to be a no-win scenario in which Sprint finds itself. Sprint get to deal with all of the pain of a brand new Phone and a brand new OS and the other carriers get to reap the rewards in just a few months. Couple that with other bad decisions like backing Wimax when everyone else on the planet is backing LTE and it's possible Sprint may not be long for this world.
    3. Sprint Employees - They generally know nothing, are unhelpful and are often downright rude. The Apple Stores might be for wannabe elitist snobs, but they are always very helpful, very polite and very knowledgeable. Sprint probably can't afford to pay the extra $2 an hour to upgrade their staff so if Palm wants to have customer satisfaction like Apple's they need to have Palm employees in every store that sells their products at all times. (To be fair Sprint employees are in my experience not appreciably worse than those at other phone companies. They all suck.) Apple is in a class by itself here.
    4. Can't Use the Phone While Using the Pre as a USB Drive - This is a real shocker. When the Pre is connected to your computer as a USB drive for some inexplicable reason you can't use the Phone features. This wouldn't be so bad if you never had to connect to your computer as a USB drive but on the Pre you have to because there is no other way to manage your music, videos, photos and documents. Palm seems to have forgotten that this is a phone aimed at professionals and "prosumers." For many of these folks, missing phone calls means losing money and they are not going to be pleased to find out they didn't land that big deal because they didn't get that important call while they were copying TPS reports to the Pre. Some professionals, including I, never ever turn turn their phone off if they can help it. And I know there are many young people who will freak out when figure out that spending any time managing media on their phone means missing text messages from their friends and being out of the loop. How did this get past quality assurance?
    5. No Visual Voicemail - Anybody who's used Visual Voicemail knows how incredibly useful it is (especially for professionals). Being able to see and organize your messages easily and not having to go through voicemail menu prompts is huge. And being able to listen to messages even when the phone is off (for example on an airplane) is also huge. This feature is one of the game-changing features that made the iPhone so popular. Other Sprint phones have this feature so not having it in the Pre is just plain laziness and stupidity as far as I am concerned.
    6. Questionnaire When Plugging in USB - When plugging the Pre into a your computer's USB port you're expected to know in advance whether you are going to manage media via iTunes, manage media via USB drive mode or simply charge your phone. For an OS that clearly strives to be easy to use this is a definitely a puzzling step backwards. Why should I have to answer a questionnaire when I plug the Pre into my computer? I shouldn't: everything I want to do should just work at the same time. If necessary, the Pre should appear as multiple devices when plugged in so you can do what you want, when you want and without any silly and arbitrary mode switching.
    7. No Alarm Clock or Weather App - WTF? Aside from the phone app those are the two apps I use the most consistently on my phones. I am a professional and I travel a lot and for me my cell phone is my alarm clock. And because I travel so much I often need to check the weather so I am not surprised by it. Yes, I could just jump through a bunch of extra hoops and use the calendar app and reminders as a substitute for the alarm clock and I could use the web browser to get the weather but I shouldn't have to. Nor should I have to wait for (and pay for) a third party app in the App Catalog for this functionality. To me these are basic functions for any modern smartphone that is expected to be used by professionals. Even my Palm V back in the 90's had an alarm clock. How you can have smartphone that's supposed to be a personal organizer without these things is beyond me. There is at least an Accuweather app in the App Catalog but it should come on the device.
    8. No Public SDK - I'd like to believe that Palm is delaying the availability of the SDK because they want to minimize the number of pFart apps giving their device a bad name. Those and other crapware apps give Apple's otherwise excellent App Store a black eye and could do the same to Palm's App Catalog. But maybe that's not the reason. Given Palm's past maybe they figure that withholding the SDK means that fewer people will find out about the problems with the Pre until after they've already paid for it. This dovetails nicely with the virtually non-existent access honest and unbiased reviewers have been given to the phone. Whatever the reasons, not making the SDK available before hand means that there aren't going to be many apps in the app Catalog for a while so if you looking for something comparable to the Apple App Store or the Google Android Marketplace keep looking. By contrast, pretty much as soon as the T-Mobile G1 was available there were hundreds of apps to to choose from and many, many more were available within a couple of months. We don't have to worry about having many app choices with the Pre. And that scarcity means that you can expect to pay more for WebOS apps than those on other platforms for a while. This is especially annoying when you consider the basic features Palm left out of the Pre (see above).
    9. Paid-off Bloggers and Reviewers - Going by past history, you'll write glowing reviews of every strength yet you'll somehow manage to miss every glaring weakness. You'll sell out your readers who are counting on you to give an accurate and unbiased review for your own personal gain. You suck in the worst way.
    10. Blog Reading Palm Fanboy Apologists - You claim nothing is wrong and all is great in Palm land despite obvious signs otherwise. Will you guys have the courage and hold the companies to which you give your hard earned cash accountable to actually give you something decent in return. If you are too weak to do that then shut up and get out of the way. Remember this thread about the problems with the Treo 700p? And this one? Despite obvious hardware and OS quality problems (that Palm now finally seems to admit to) you all screamed "No, No! Palm is great!" You people are the reason why Palm didn't respect their customers and released garbage products for so long.

    PS: After my bad experience with my last Palm product (700p) I actually took the advice of those "Apologists." I threw away my Palm phone and bought a Motorola Q which I had no trouble with (though it wasn't spectacular). I later moved off Sprint altogether for my primary phone to an iPhone on T-Mobile. Sprint really didn't do anything wrong accept allow themselves to be associated with a crappy Palm product. That said, I've forgiven Sprint and Palm and am now going with the Pre mainly because I have enough disposable income that blowing $600 if I made a mistake isn't going hurt me. Has Palm changed for the better? Many signs point to yes. They've clearly decided to rehire some talented engineers and leaders and that's a very good sign. But some signs point to no: advertising the fact that the device syncs with iTunes without disclosing the fact that there is a very good chance that it won't work very soon is more like the old lie-to-the-customers-to-get-their-money Palm. Strictly limiting and controlling media exposure to the new device is more like the old Palm too (though many companies do this). Has Sprint changed for the better? I don't see any evidence of it though their commercials have definitely gotten better.
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    almost all of them are really stupid.
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    I can only agree with about 3 of those, but I won't waste my time.

    I would like to take a second to laugh at #9. According to blogs like Gizmodo and Crunchgear, the iPhone has no flaws and the Pre sucks before they can even review it...somehow this is a Pre flaw?

    Horrible, imo.
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    me thinks he doth protest too much
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    Give it a month or two after it's released then complain about actual results.

    The complaints of 'no xyz app' in the box is really bizarre. They will come when the SDK is released.

    If #4 is true, that would be a serious problem. Are you sure about that?
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    I really respect people's opinions, but I doubt you'll find ANYONE on a Pre FAN SITE that will agree with anything you just said.

    Some of those points are even on the verge of laughable.

    EDIT: Scratch that... 3,6,9, & 10 are beyond laughable.
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    Wow. Seems like you're a disgruntled old man who can't look past a few flops that company's have all had. Get over yourself. If you bought a 700p and it sucked, tough ****ing cookies boy. #10 is the one I really have a problem with. 1 and 2 are opinion. # 3 yes Sprint Employees are not the greatest, but come ACTUAL Pre launch, we'll see how they are, that's all I really care about. #4 I can't confirm, if you could provide that would be much appreciated. #5 that does suck, but I can wait for an app, or update. #6 get over it. #7, again, an update or an app. #8 get over it. #9 every company does it, even your iPhone, get over it.

    #10. Honestly you should just be banned.
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    I think points 5,7 and 8 are very valid and I agree that they are only hurting themselves here (I mean Palm). Points 4 and 6 I agree with, but not being the ones to develop it, we can't know the technical limitations involved and what not. They could very well have wanted to implement either one of those as you suggest but could not do it because of issues beyond their control.

    The rest I have to say is a rant and gives the good parts of your critique a black eye.
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    Sorry you hate the Pre so much........why are you wasting your time on a Pre fansite?
    I will be surprised to see if anyone really bites........
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    (1) Palm - Rubinstein claims to have completely overhauled Palm, both people and culture.

    (2) Sprint - I have stayed with Sprint because I have had nothing but fantastic customer service with them. I wanted an iPhone way back when but had a really bad experience with AT&T so won't touch them. (I'm a Premier customer.)

    (3) Sprint employees - I cannot recall having a bad experience with any Sprint employee. Obviously, this is a function of store and employee.

    (4) Phone while USB - This will be remedied in a hurry by 3rd parties. My iPod Touch is a wireless network drive.

    (5) Visual voicemail - Who cares. Most of my messages are by email and text. Seems to be a trend to call first, and if that fails to connect, then send an email.

    (6) USB questionnaire - Dunno about this one. Reserving judgment until I try.

    (7) Alarm clock / weather app - The Goat reports that AccuWeather is already in the app store. The alarm clock app is probably so easy any web developer could write it.

    (8) No public SDK - Patience. They are sparing themselves a black eye. Palm's whole gamble is that they'll have more/happier developers than Apple in a hurry.

    (9) Paid-off reviews - The only production model reviews I've seen are glowing and were done in a PreCentral forum. How much were you paid for this review? (Sorry for the jab, but your accusation merits the response.)

    (10) Palm fanboys - The Palm Pre will have problems. It's just that no one can talk yet. Your tone alone labels you more emotional than rational, so you're probably being a fanboy yourself. It's human nature.

    What's got you by the collar, anyway?
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    Some valid points, but most are kind of out there. It seems like you are over Palm already, so why go with the Pre?
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    For Number 4, isn't that the way it is with any other device that plugs in via USB? If you are actively using it as a USB drive, then no you can't use the phone features since it is acting like a hard drive. However, you can choose the "just charge" option and you can use your phone without any issues while charging up the battery in the process. I don't see the big deal in that.

    The phone everyone drools over, the iphone, does the exact same thing. While you are syncing your information, your phone is disabled. Once the sync is complete, you can then use your phone normally.
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    1. I hate that the Pre isn't out yet.

    2. I hate that the Pre is going to make all of my iPhone-wielding friends so jealous that they won't be my friends anymore.

    3. I hate that the Pre has restored my faith in Palm and taken a company off of my "To mock for squandering own success" list.

    4. I hate that the Pre is going to take up so much of my time being awesome that I won't be able to eat or sleep.

    5. I hate that the Pre is so small that random strangers won't gawk at me when I'm using it.

    6. I hate that the Pre is a slider and will continue to stun strangers into silence every time I open it.

    7. I hate that the Pre will give me the full internet and give me fewer excuses to not look things up for friends.

    8. I hate that the Pre has a mirror on the back and will remind me of Roger McNamee's flapping maw every time I look at the back.

    9. I hate that the Pre's camera is good enough for me to not justify carrying a full camera with me everywhere I go.

    10. I hate that the Pre is so smooth and riverstone-like that I'll be tempted to skip it across a pond, only to lose it into its murky depths.

    There, I feel better now.
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    you make some pretty valid points, like the USB and Visual Voicemail i def agree with, but AT&T is not great for everybody. For me its horrible, and everyone I know that has sprint says its great. And the iphone had a lot of problems the first go around and NO app store, so give the Pre a year and see how well there app store is.
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    Not to worry folks. clipcarl is just trolling.
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    Actually he has a lot of valid points in there. 9 and 10 are to be expected and the complaint about the weather app and alarm are a bit much. Otherwise I think its pretty much spot on.
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    Visual voicemail is so blown out of proportion.
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    Other bad things about the Pre:

    1. Can't download or surf internet while talking on the phone.
    2. Sprint won't let music be downloaded over 3G.
    3. Storage too small.
    4. No onscreen typing option. Don't tell me someone will develop it. Who knows when or if that will happen or if any good. Trying typing in landscape mode.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hbg View Post
    Other bad things about the Pre:

    1. Can't download or surf internet while talking on the phone.
    2. Sprint won't let music be downloaded over 3G.
    3. Storage too small.
    4. No onscreen typing option. Don't tell me someone will develop it. Who knows when or if that will happen or if any good. Trying typing in landscape mode.
    These I can agree with. Except I thought I saw someone post that the Instinct allowed surfing while talking, so that contrary to the claims, it is possible on Sprint. Also, I thought we had someone successfully download a Yahoo MP3 over the air.
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