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I did a quick, very unscientific test this morning of the battery. Took it off the charger @ 100% Tuesday morning, walked the to the station and turned the phone on, listened to music for an hour on the subway ride to work, got out, and used the phone on and off tweeting, a few short phone calls, some texting and email work, and the phone was at 0% at around 12:30pm. This is unacceptable. BT and wifi were off, but I had all of the Auto Locate features on. As someone said earlier, if I have to take off features to get decent life out of the battery, then that's a failure.

Tomorrow I'm going to try every single drastic battery saving tip and see how much better it does.
How often is the phone checking for email? Was the music on the phone or Pandora? I've also noticed phones can really chunk through the battery life in the subway. Especially when its trying to connect to the internet.