View Poll Results: Will you let people play with your PRE or will you try to hide it from them?

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  • NO! I don't want people playing with my new PRE! Go buy your own!!!

    36 35.29%
  • Yes. I'll share the PRE love and goodness with the peoples.

    66 64.71%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Derek Kessler View Post
    I don't believe it would be EAS. Google has likely worked out their own solution instead of licensing Microsoft's
    wrong again.

    Important! Google Sync uses the Microsoft© Exchange ActiveSync© protocol. When setting up a new Exchange ActiveSync account on your iPhone, all existing Contacts and Calendar events will be removed from your phone. Please make sure to back up any important data before you set up Google Sync.

    Google Mobile - Sync
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    Thanks, I stand corrected.
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    I will let them hold it but no way am I going to let anyone press all the buttons or play with it before I have had a chance to fully test it out. So no matter what it will be a couple of days before I let anyone actually use it or play with it for a while...
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    I will be shoving it in their face and then say you can't have it (especially to my AT&T and VZW friends).
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    Sorry Timmy, SERO does not work with the Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eguy View Post
    I will be shoving it in their face and then say you can't have it (especially to my AT&T and VZW friends.
    I cant wait to hear my iPhone friends say "I wish my phone had multitasking", then I'll ask them how they like paying 30 bucks extra a month for text messaging.
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    I'd probably let others see my Pre from around 2-3 feet. The distance will vary depending on the phone they own. If they own an iPhone, then, not even that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grim View Post
    YouTube - MTV Movie Awards - Best Animated Character Two Towers Gollum
    hahaha great video, I loved the acceptance speech
    Thanks for the link.

    Sorry I had to delete the link from your quote because I can't post links yet
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    i am definitely NOT letting any one touch my phone simply because of karma. for some lame reason when i play with friends new phones something always tends to go wrong. for this reason alone will the first two weeks of my pre ownership be like the palm booth at CES. eyes only. HANDS OFF!

    i will be however demonstrating to my boss how much cooler my pre is than her iphone...but still NO TOUCHEE!
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