View Poll Results: Will you charge your pre before use?

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  • Yes, charge first play later

    15 13.27%
  • No, play first charge later

    31 27.43%
  • Both, play while charging

    67 59.29%
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    Okay everyone post their cell phone numbers so we can all call each other the first day! ii
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    Quote Originally Posted by west3man View Post
    It's a damned good question.

    If I were smart, I'd pick up a Centro battery or something and use it in the Pre while the new Pre battery charges in my charger.*

    * - which I just realized probably (maybe?) WILL work on the Pre's battery
    I hadn't thought about that but I did order a centro battery which is downstairs and unopened. Thanks for the Idea!!!
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    I'd like to say I will, but yeah right!!!
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