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    Absence of categories is a big blow to me. I have close to 6000 contacts in Outlook and Google and it is difficult to manage large numbers without some form of categories or contact grouping.
    I hope this oversight is fixed soon.
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    We need fr!ggln categories!

    Palm wonders why they are behind. These little simple functionalities. What idiots. Treo was one of the first phones with categories. Now they are the only ones. idiots
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    Any word on categories? I just got my Pre and had no idea that none of my categories were going to transfer. I can deal with the calendar and contacts, but no categories for my tasks or memos is a real problem for me.
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    For a work around: In a searchable field, such as nickname, type in a term, business, personal, hockeyteam, client, supplier, etc. when you search for that term it will bring up all the contacts with that word in the nickname field. It will work until they make categories official.
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    I'm actually somewhat flabbergasted by the lack of PIM categories, and the featureless memos app. Palm PDAs were designed with function over form, and they knew how important these PIM features were. I expected no less when the Pre was announced -- finally, we would have a phone with PIM features that aren't a total joke. But here we are. :-(

    Luckily Palm seems intent on adding major features to webOS over time, so hope isn't lost. And there are always third-party apps to look forward to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TomD View Post
    Categories are essential. I need one for Christmas List. I need the capability for multiple categories for entries.

    I have 1300 addresses, I need some quick ways to get to the groups I need.

    Surely this will come on an update.
    I agree and was driving me nuts. Found a temporary fix today. Went into Outlook changed the view to list then and copied/pasted the "Categories" I was using (only have around 8) into "Company". When I synched (I'm using Chapura) all my contacts were nicely grouped. A few Facebook only contacts & Verizon service items were all together under a "None" company/category. Works for me for the moment !
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