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  • Sprint

    112 92.56%
  • Verizon

    4 3.31%
  • AT&T

    5 4.13%
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    palm and winmob phones generally had apps which bypass tethering restrictions... i wonder how long before one comes out for pre... it probably won't get in the app catalog, you'll have to load it manually (which sprint says they will allow)
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    i work in the basement and sprint is the only one that work the best. there 3 of of that have sprint phone and all the other people hate on us for having service hahaha
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    Of these three, Sprint has the cheapest data plans, a good data network, throws in free unlimited navigation and SMS, and offers great service along with free roaming on their only real competitor in the states in terms of US coverage, Verizon. Most surveys rank Verizon above Sprint for coverage, but you can pay less and still have access to Verizon for 49% of your calls by going with Sprint, just make sure you have coverage at home and work so that 50% number doesn't become an issue.

    I do see the attraction of an unlocked GSM phone if you travel internationally. Using international travel as an excuse to choose AT&T and then getting a locked phone that costs a fortune to roam seems a lot worse than just getting a pay-as-you-go phone for your trip and sticking with Sprint domestically, though.
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    I've just switched to Sprint from AT&T so I don't have to deal with the hassle of activating new lines on launch day. Personally, Sprint has yet to drop me and has excellent coverage everywhere I go. Also, I get a 27% discount, which makes my bill EVEN CHEAPER compared to what I was shelling out for an AT&T family plan. I did have to pay my ETFs but I consider it a small investment in my general sanity since AT&T never gave me 3G reliably and even on 2G, my calls still got dropped. I miss the Cingular days.
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    I'm not sure, but doesn't the Instict have visual voicemail? I don't think it's a network issue, it will probably be a 3rd party app.
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    Sprint, has the best service in my area and customer service has vastly improved.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kupe View Post
    Verizon - because in my business a dropped call is lost business.
    funny you say that. we have verizon at our business. they claim to have 99.9% reliability with their land lines. our service has been lost 4 times in 3 years with them. not A LOT, but still. that is not 99.9% and when it goes out its usually out for a day or more. F verizon.

    oh, and i will be with sprint. been with them over 10 years. awesome service in the tri-state area.
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    I wouldn't consider anyone other than VZW until they get to a point where they offer any decent phones. It got close with the new Crapberry that didn't work, plus you're in Crackhell after that...WinMoHell is just never an option...and then I found my new Centro. Wow, what a phone. Yes, the keys are teeny, and the screen is teenier...but it'll do great until. Customer service is great, and with four phones on the plan, switching isn't easy. Again, I never met a REAL person, in REAL life that liked Sprint or stayed with them around Chicago. That's the truth.
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    ^ wait, what? sense my friend, make it.
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    Verizon /wave goodbye

    lack of smartphones and forced to use vz**
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    Sprint because they are cheap, best data, great roaming agreements and I never use Customer service !
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    I've been with Sprint since 1998 and have no reason up to this point to consider going with another carrier.
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    Sprint! I've been with at&t they are so overpriced.
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    Sprint, because I have At&t right now and I hate their pricing structure and reception.
    Sprint's pricing is much better, I hope their reception is good in my area.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eguy View Post
    You don't know any of that. It may be that way now but the phone has not even been released and who the hell would want to teather on AT&T or Verizons slow 3G?
    Where are you getting your info,Verizon's data is not slow maybe a little behind Sprint but not much.
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    Verizon has the best coverage in my area and with Alltel, they are really good. Plus my business uses Verizon.
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    Sprint. No other carrier is beating the SE plan
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    Sprint. Price, and outstanding coverage where I live and everywhere I've traveled..
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    Quote Originally Posted by enjoyingsilence View Post
    It might not be a current plan, as I don't think at&t offers the 850 minute plan. It's probably still listed in Telegence, but they probably can't give it to a new customer.

    Here's a list of current plan pricing for me. This is with a 15% discount... I think 15%.. sorry, it's late, not sure :P (sorry to hijack a thread, just helping you out)
    It's on old plan, 850 mins for 2 lines, $69 base. No SMS or data included, which is fine since I have 4 lines and 2 of the folks on them (mom, inlaws) don't use SMS or data. My wife's iPhone is $30 extra for data, as I assume the Pre would be.

    Plus rollover which is very nice for us, and free calls to each other and in-network, which is great since we have a lot of friends on AT&T.

    And extra $5 mon off for combined billing with my landline, and also 15% off corp discount.

    I don't understand why everyone is comparing sprint's plan which includes nav, tv, sms, etc... with AT&T's that has all that included. I could care less about these other things and would prefer not to have to have a plan that pays for it.

    But as long as the iPhone is exclusive on AT&T, it makes sense for me to stay on AT&T with a family plan.
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