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    It's Prelicious!!!

    One phone to rule them all!


    Seriously.. How about these;

    Palm; phones for now and the future.

    Palm Pre; We have a user for that!

    Synergy is your friend!

    We PREvent problems!

    This is not you're dads iPhone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wlmoore View Post
    How about..."My phone'll find it."

    Sample usages:
    "Let me give you my cellphone number."
    "No need, I've got you on Facebook. My phone'll find it."

    "I know the name of the restaurant, but not the address."
    "No worries. My phone'll find it."

    "I think they're going to reschedule that meeting."
    "Cool. My phone'll find it."
    I like this a lot! I think it would be cooler if you made it more "Pre" like my phone already knows or my phone has it, since the idea behind the name is that it thinks ahead of you.

    But I like how yours sounds. Good work.
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    No Ifs, No But's, Just Pre
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    Papa don't preach.
    Presenting the future.
    Pre-order now.
    Pretty Pre's?
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    My favorite from in here so far was the Live/Work/Play on Cloud 9 bit. If "Cloud" terminology was more prevelant I liked the thought of "The Cloud in the Palm of your hand".

    But I gotta say, my favorite is still from Palm themselves

    The Palm Pre
    Thinking ahead is a beautiful thing.

    It fits with the "Pre" part of the name, letting one think of "pre thinking" or "before".

    If fits with the whole synergy thing, as it pulls in everything from all those sources so you don't have to worry about going and getting it.

    it fits with the whole card thing even, as being able to multitask is almost like thinking ahead, not having to worry about relaunching things but just going to whats already ready for you.

    Its really a great one.
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    OP great thread... hopefully we can get some more good ones and that a poll and run with it.

    for now I'm sticking with "Real Smartphones Multitask"
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    Quote Originally Posted by no1smartphone View Post
    All in the Palm of your hand
    D'oh, you took mine! I was going to say: "Your whole wide world in the Palm of your hand."
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    PREaking awesome!!
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    "Drop the Pre-tenders. All you need is the Pre."
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    Preautocons Transform!
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