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    good info
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    hoping to get an update from folks that were able to do this for their Pres...

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    I dont see why not. I have always billed phones to my account and a corporate store manager also told me I woudl be able to if I have in the past.
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    I chatted with Sprint customer service and they indicated there would be no problem with billing to my account.

    Since they email the conversation to you it's on my treo and I can produce it if need be......guess we'll see.
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    I pay my sprint bill with my credit card, then pay that in full. May as well get a month or partial month for the Sprint float, a month or partial month until the next credit card statement, and then 20-30 days for your grace period. Hopefully in 2-3 months your rebate will have arrived and you actually get the cash before you pay for the phone.
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    If your account is past the due date (two bills due instead of one), I have seen them deny "bill to account" transactions. As long as the account is in good standing, there should not be a problem.
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