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    Just as the title asks, how long should I wait in a line for the Pre?

    Just like most (if not all) of you, I want the Pre on launch day. If I must, I'll go to Sprint at 12am for an 8am opening. But is that necessary? Do you think that the lines will be that insane? The lack of advertising makes me think 12am is waaaaaaaay too early.

    Or should I go to Best Buy? Will their lines be more or less insane?

    On a side note, does Best Buy do the Buy Back plan (Sprint buys some Sprint phones back - like my Treo 700p will be $35 at Sprint)?

    Please tell me your thoughts.

    Thank you.
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    Nah, plenty will be available. No need to panic. Just go get one whenever you want.
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    Yeh, go whenever you want (preferably the afternoon) so I can go in the morning and buy mine. LOL
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    If you're that worried:

    1- Scout out in advance the Sprint store locations closest to you
    2- Route it so that you could drive from the closest first to the farthest last
    3- The night before, drive around. If you notice any lines at that point, you're too late.

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    I don't really know what to expect. Definitely depends on where you live. I regularly stay up pretty late anyway, so I'll probably do a drive by myself late/night early morning to see if anyone's out there. I was thankful I did way back when, during the PS2 launch. But I'm also going to do some calling around next week so see who has it in stock, and how many they have. If your store has 3 of them, yes, start camping out at midnight. If your store has 300, maybe not.
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    I'll get to the closest store about a half hour before they open. If more than a few people are waiting, I'm gone...maybe try one or two more to see if it's any better. REFUSE TO WAIT IN A SLOW LINE
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    The big store in my area is expecting around 50 plus units. I would not expect more than 6 or 7 people in line when they open. Of course, it's better to be early because you never know how long each person will take with their questions and activation process. So even if you are third in line you could actually be waiting an hour before they get to you. I'll be there when they open because I have a lot of extra stuff to do later on that day.
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    You should start now.
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    Stores in the Cleveland area told me they won't know how many phones they have until Sat. morning. That sounds untrue?
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    Anyone know if they'll limit the number of phones? I'm buying two.. but that's because I'm taking my entire family plan over (4 lines, the other 2 will be lotus')
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    I'm dependent on public transportation myself, so as long as my store opens at 8am (I hope it doesn't, but I haven't called them yet) apparently I'll be leaving at 6:44am and arriving at 7:20am, which to me seems like it will be plenty of time.
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    Hopefully the lines wont be too long around here (small town and the college kids are gone home so there is not much buzz about it here) Luckly I'm on 2 list. I'm first on the local best Buy list (out of 3 on the list) and the mobile manager said that even if they don't have an official list, when people line up they will just give them a numbered ticket, and i get the first one even if i'm not in line b/c i have been into the strore every other day to check on the availability and if they have a demo, so he knows how bad i want one (and he knows that my treo 700p is about to give out so he knows i realy need a new phone) and I'm on the list for one of the local sprint stores, but i don't know how many people are on it. The guy at best buy is upset though b/c he needs a new phone and would realy like to get a pre, He knows that he can't get one on the first day, BUT he hates the fact that he has to wait till the end of aug. to get one.
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    Thank you all for your responses. I will definitely call a bunch of Best Buy/Sprint stores to see how many they will have.
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    It's likely the stores won't know how many.
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    yeah, the stores near me said they wont know how many untill after tuesday of next week
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    Whether they know or not; from my experience (and a lot of others' if you read other posts) they aren't talking. And I wouldn't count on lists either. IMO
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    Quote Originally Posted by clevelandrocker View Post
    Stores in the Cleveland area told me they won't know how many phones they have until Sat. morning. That sounds untrue?
    A little bit. If the past is any indication, stores will start getting their Pres through next week, up until Friday. I guess by Friday afternoon, the stores will be able to have a much better idea of their stock.

    Which is why, at this point now, I don't believe any inventory numbers the stores say -they just don't know.
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    Dude, 12am is waaaay too early. Hell, I was in line for the Wii launch & that line didnt get jumping till about 5am. And this was in the DC area.

    Just keep driving by the stores every 30 min & scout them out. When it starts forming a line, park & go wait. No need to jump in line & out of your car until its necessary. If public transportation, then thats another story.
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    I plan on getting there at 6 a.m. I will call the store late next week and if they think they're not getting many Pres, I will get there earlier.
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    The early bird catches the worm... But in our case ill be the pre
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