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    I know a lot of people were hoping the instinct last year would be the next big thing. Unfortunately it isn't and I'm moving on. Anyone else?
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    no i was smart enough not to buy one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by calsccr9 View Post
    I know a lot of people were hoping the instinct last year would be the next big thing. Unfortunately it isn't and I'm moving on. Anyone else?
    I didn't even care about it. It didn't even catch my interest.
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    I'm really torn. I've been disappointed in my Instinct on several levels. But I recently discovered the Pre's lack of visual voicemail and group texting capabilities. I think it will come down to the keyboard for me. I can't seem to type accurately on the Instinct (big thumbs), but I'm not sure the Pre will be any better.
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    I got rid of my Instinct in the 30 days, and went to the Curve, because of the lack of a useful calendar. The Pre will be much better in this feature.
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    Me too Instinct is gonna have to retire real soon. Not even a year old and not working right.
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    Me, if and only if, I can USB tether PAM the Pre.
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    Palyed w/an Instinct about a month ago. Decided to wait for the Pre.

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    Can't get rid of my instinct fast enough.
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    you betcha...can't wait...bub-bye Instinct...
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    Had a Centro gave it to my sister-in-law and upgraded to the Instink (I know dumb move) I purchased another brand new Centro for dirt cheap and sold that piece of crap Instink for thankfully more than I paid. I hope the Pre doesn't have me running in circles too.
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    I am.
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    I am, I already have mine sold. I am ready for a palm device again.
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    Yea I got mine the week it came out and its gone down hill from there. It gets worse and worse everyday and I just have to keep telling myself only one week left. Can't wait!
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    I'm switching over too. My Instinct is fine, does what it needs to do, but I like new technology, and I wasn't particularly crazy about the Instinct keyboard. Hopefully the Pre's keyboard will be better. I've never used a phone with a physical QWERTY keyboard.
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    The opinions about the Instinct will be very biased here because more people who would be interested in a device like the Instinct wouldn't be on these forums. The instinct is a nice device for some one who never had a touch-screen based phone before with near smartphone-like qualities. It's basically a feature-phone masquerading as a smartphone that is very easy for newbie to get accustomed to precisely targeted for some one like my mom who loves it btw. She's not interested in downloading any apps and perfectly happy with the buitlin apps. Its pretty easy to use and stylish and good approximation for Sprint users of a decent touch screen based UI. Overall, the instinct was a decent hit for Sprint. However, I do feel that they need to adopt open platform like Andriod etc in future iterations to encourage more 3rd party application support...
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    I heard it was the biggest seller Sprint has ever had......that is until the Pre.
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    I like my Instinct, but I think I'll love my Pre.

    I'm going to have Sprint 'buy back' my Instinct for $50.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gekko View Post
    no i was smart enough not to buy one.
    < useful
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