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    It's not an iPhone -- that's why I'm buying it. I've never been a follower. I do NOT do what everyone else is doing. Irrational or not, like it or not, I stand tall and proud for being an individual.
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    a more open OS
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    Quote Originally Posted by clevelandrocker View Post
    I heard that the technology is really coming from another solar system. LOL
    SERIOUSLY! LOL Jon Rubenstein is an alien from a far technologically advanced civilization. He's SLOWLY integrating some of their tech to earth (ie starting at Apple with the iPod). He doesn't want to show us all of his tech yet because we're still amazed by his little stuff. webOS and the Pre was probably designed by his 2 year old from his home planet and he's thinking "man these earthlings are amazed by my 2 year old's creations" Why do you think there's shortages in stock?? Some of the parts are from other planets that he has to transport over
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwinn View Post
    I was planning on trying to get one on or as close to release as possible, but the lack of mp3/file downloads is causing me to wait seeing as I use file downloads on a almost daily basis and sometimes download mp3s for local listening during a road trip or flight. I almost never stream to my Centro.
    Wow, that's got to be a very expensive habit.

    I'm also somewhat skeptical of everyone saying it is a more open platform. They _SAY_ it is a more open platform, but we don't really know that. So far they've only let a handful of companies even SEE the SDK.

    Have they even stated what the requirements are to get into their app store? Can you install apps another way (like you can with android?)

    We have no idea how open they plan to be. I certainly hope they are open, but so far their actions don't seem to show that...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eguy View Post
    That was 4...

    that's what apple wants you to think. but if your using alien technology like the pre, everything is possible.
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    screen size
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