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    I'm currently on SERO and am pretty much planning to switch to EPRP 500 next week. I've considered switching to Everything Plus 450, but I checked, and the discount I'd get at my current employer is just 10%, so that ends up more expensive. Just to complicate things, I'll be changing employer in the fall, but haven't figured out a way to see what discount (if any) I'd be eligible for there - could be better, might be nothing.

    I've been intending to forgo release day and ordering my Pre via Telesales or online on EPRP. I'll be traveling starting 6/7, and figured it'd be waiting for me when I got back, and it probably didn't make sense to swap to a new setup just before a trip anyway - I depend on my Treo pretty heavily and wasn't sure I'd have the Pre whipped into shape in time.

    But now we hear that there won't be any Pre's online or at Telesales for some unspecified time after release day. Which makes me reconsider.

    For a while there was discussion here of folks intending to switch to EPRP and pick up a Pre at a store. But I went to a local Sprint store, and they said they wouldn't do it on that plan, I had to use Telesales. A sales guy at Best Buy hadn't even heard of EPRP, so I didn't leave confident they could set me up.

    What are other people on EPRP planning to do? Go to a store and try? Wait it out? Switch to a EP plan?
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    From what I've been told by CS, you change to EPRP over the phone or online, then you're good to go to get the Pre in store.
    You're just buying the phone instore, not making plan changes.
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    Check out the thread titled:
    Does no telesales mean existing SERO users can't upgrade at launch?

    You can join Alliant Credit Union online, then switch to the Everything Data plan with a 25% discount to make it cheaper than EPRP (albeit with 50 fewer minutes).
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    It doesn't matter where you work, they don't check. I haven't worked for World Savings-->Wachovia-->Wells Fargo for almost 2 years and they are still giving me my 23% discount. Even when I told them that I worked somewhere else, they still let me keep that same discount because it was more than the one I would get for my current employer. So just tell them that you work for World Savings or Wachovia or Wells Fargo (pick one) and you will get double the discount you are getting now.

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