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    From the Pre Facebook page:

    Here’s your chance to see the exclusive premiere of a new Palm Pre commercial before anyone else.

    The ad was inspired by the way the Pre phone lets you effortlessly flow among all your life’s diverse passions and dimensions. All those connections (friends, coworkers, family, etc.) are represented by characters in a picturesque landscape. As our main character touches the screen, types, and interacts with Palm Pre, her world adjusts. A beautiful dance of invisible organization.

    Keep your eyes peeled for the national campaign launching in the near future. We thought we'd give our friends on Facebook a sneak preview first.

    Please RSVP for the online debut of this new ad. We’ll also be offering some exclusive behind-the-scenes videos about how the ad was made over the next few days right here on Palm | Facebook.
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    Didn't realize I had been beaten to the punch on this, mods please delete...
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    So if the commericial is being shown on the 3rd that means that it won't air till the 6th at least so it increases my chances of getting a Pre on day one! I likes!!
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    Not trying to be negative, but it already sounds lame. Just show off the phone starting with the browser.
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    totally dumb....what company on earth starts advertising for their product the week it releases...a company that wont have good stock! that sux....i want this phone to succeed so bad....
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