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    On my old Tungsten E2, when opening Calendar, it would pop up and be in Agenda view or the overview and would show all of the appointments/events/birthdays for the next few days. This was really handy to see all of this at a glance. From the countless hours spent on these forums, I don't think this is in webOS. Hopefully, either Palm or a 3rd party will design something that will put everything at a glance either on the home screen or allow quick access from the launcher, gesture area, or in the calendar itself. Thoughts?
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    As a developer, I plan to write an app to do exactly this. I also loved this feature.
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    Agreed though it remains too soon to be sure that there aren't some options to enable a different view.

    However, I wonder how much of this is due to the fact that we have been used to Garnet's visual representation style for so long now that the new WebOS is simply too new and strange? In other words, are we not seeing the same thing but with different colors, backgrounds, fonts, etc? Sort of like the difference between Google Calendar and Outlook.

    My sincere hope for the Pre and WebOS is that the same basic core functions which I love on my junky Treo 755p (i.e. calendar, Gmail, contacts) still have the same ease of use and familiarity, but with simply better graphics, design and interface.

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    @Kev: That would be amazing! And if you plan to charge something for it, can you remember me and give me a discount or something?

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