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    Alright, I'm all but certain that my wife and I will be getting Pre's along with another phone for my daugther. We've been with Verizon for about 10 years and I've had enough of them (yes, I know they've sorta announced that they will be getting a Pre like device in the next six months, but I've just plain had enough of their nonsense).

    So, being that we will be first time Sprint customers, moving two phone numbers from Verizon, and getting another non Pre phone as well - am I going to be best served at a Sprint store, or is Best Buy going to be better at helping me get moved over? I've never made use of the number portability game before (and I have checked the Spring site to confirm that there should be no problem moving the two numbers), so what I need most is a smooth goodbye to Verizon and welcome to Sprint.

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    I just switched my grandfather from Verizon to Boost Mobile (sprint owned company that operates out of Sprint stores) and had no problems. The Sprint Rep was able to port his number. The process was simple, but did take 30 minutes. Maybe you can save time at Best Buy, but in terms of simplicity, the Sprint stores passed.

    hope this helps ...
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    I'd probably go to a Sprint store and start some "relationship-building" there. If you've been with VZW for 10 years, let's assume for now that a similar length business relationship with Sprint will occur. It's good to get to know the people at the place you'll be doing business.
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    I'm with Grim on this - definitely go to a Sprint store if you're switching over as a first time Sprint user. They would be more appreciative of your transfer vs a Best Buy and I think will be more attentive to your needs. I had the same dilemma when I switched from Cingular to Sprint. Best Buy was more interested in the "are you gonna buy a phone or not - because I have a lot of standing around to do" attitude rather than "hey that's great you're transferring over from 10 years with VZW?! - come let us welcome you to Sprint".
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    Yeah I'd go to the Sprint store. You would probably be treated better there, since they want you to switch. Best buy sells phones for all carriers I think, so they don't care as much about what carrier you are on.
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    Go to a local Sprint store and get to know them....then come back a time or two, then buy....don't go to Best Buy or use Telesales!!! It might be good to go to 2-3 stores then pick one for Sprint....Getting a really good rep is key!
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    I have also been a customer of Alltel(Verizon) for over 10 years and will be making the switch as well. I will be going to my local Sprint store to start my new venture(relationship), hope it's a good one. On another note do they take EPRP at stores or
    on line only?
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    I'd have to go with the majority on this one and your best bet for good customer service will be to go to the Sprint store. Good customer service from Sprint is possible!
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    Much appreciated on all the responses. There's a Sprint store and a Best Buy both close by me, so that wasn't a factor. I've always gone back to the local Verizon store when it was time for a new phone and two year deal. My instinct was to go to a Sprint store and this feedback has been good confirmation.
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    wait for next shipment please
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    Quote Originally Posted by prekilla View Post
    wait for next shipment please
    When is the next shipment?
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    Go to a corporate sprint store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave81j6 View Post
    I just switched my grandfather from Verizon to Boost Mobile ...
    Update - just so happens that boost mobile's coverage near the Jersey Shore area was sub par and within a week, we returned the phone and simply went with a sprint contract. fyi ...
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    As a new Sprint customer, you should go to the Sprint store. Not some kiosk at a mall, but an actual store. Start getting to know the products. Look at the Airave, etc.

    When you have become a customer for a while and want a phone without dealing with the Mail In Rebate, then head to Best Buy and get a cheaper price.
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    I bought my first Sprint phone from Radio Shack and all remaining ones from Sprint stores. I don't think that "relationship building" necessarily hinges on where you buy the phone. When recently upgrading a phone for my wife, a sprint account services rep suggested that I check with BestBuy mobile. I went to the store and they were quite capable and I was able to avoid having to do a rebate. I like the Sprint stores, but Best Buy impressed me during my first and only recent phone purchase. That said, if you live in a smaller town, I would still buy from the Sprint store (and get Sprint insurance in either case).

    EDIT: I just noticed this post in another thread. If you can get an EPRP (Everything Plus Referral Plan), it looks to me like you need to buy the phone online through this special online Sprint store). Since you will be totally new to Sprint, this seems like the best place for you to buy your phones.
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    check out Sam's Clubs. Even if you dont have a member ship about 98% of the kiosk are radioshack owned but have nice perks. Pre for 99 Pixi for 49 and NO mail in rebates. We also have a $40 bill credit FOR EACH LINE on your 1-2nd month bill. making the pre $60 and the Pixi $10
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    if you are trying to get a good deal order the pre from

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    Eh, I switched over from three years at Verizon to being a first time Sprint customer and purchased my phone at Best Buy. I didn't see the point of waiting for a $100 rebate. If you don't know what phone you want, then going to a Sprint store makes more sense, but if you already know you want the Pre...

    It was a simple process getting everything in order, all was explained, papers were printed out, the phone was set up and when it wouldn't make calls after being activated, they called Sprint for me and fixed it, received a 20% discount on my accessories, and they put the shield on me for free (even giving me a shield that wasn't for the Palm Pre, but fit the Palm Pre and was considerably cheaper than the other shield). I left happy.

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