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    As a new-to-Palm customer, I found this to be kind of interesting to come across.

    We dug through the PC Mag archives to find our original coverage of the pivotal Palm devices.
    From the Palm Pilot to the Palm Pre - PC Magazine
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    What the...? They skip from the Treo 180 to the 700W???
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    Yep, they left out a TON of relevant history, such as the whole PalmSource saga.
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    It must not have seemed relevant to them at the time, if this is a retrospective of previous Palm coverage. There was a long period where Palm seemed irrelevant to most people. Hopefully the Pre will change that for the better.
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    Great article. The 700w is close enough to the 650 i've been handling that i dont feel left out. Less than 8 days. Yay!

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