Ok so I've been reading through these forums for an ungodly amount of time and one thing that I have noticed is the general hatred for this new device by those that currently own Iphone's. I pose this question. What's all the fuss?

You already have an Iphone!!!!!!!!!!! Your phone came out last June. Your trapped in that awful contract with At&t that cost you money better off spent at your local strip club. Unless you are a magical contract troll that can manipulate your current contract to say Sprint as opposed to Satan (At&t) then you really shouldn't worry about it too much.

Unless, you spit your hate fueled speech because you fear that those of us that have waited patiently through the mess that was Sprint may actually be getting a smart phone that is on par to, or better, then the one you pay nearly $30 a month more.

I think that just might be it. You don't want the Pre to succeed because then it would make your purchase look like one giant piece of wasted green backs. 40k of apps sounds great but what happens if the Pre has 40k? What happens if the UI is as revolutionary as the say? What happens when everything you thought could be done well by one company (Apple) gets done better by someone else?

And one last thing. The thing on BGR is more humor then fact. As long as the phone doesn't shatter into a million pieces when you perform a swipe gesture then who gives a flying monkey turd if it feels plasticky to you. Hitting more then one key when using the keyboard just means your a crappy typist. I mean come on. I got a Centro and I don't hit two keys at once. Get real.

Remember kids...In the eighties there was this rebel group of tech geeks firing up this new fangled thing called a computer with this fabulous new software they were calling a GUI. It was great and everyone loved it. Except when the rebels tried to control everything from hardware all the way down the line a small company from Washington came through and did what the rebel group did. Except they didn't control the hardware. They gave the customer options between hundreds of different computers as opposed to the few that came from the suites. The small company took over the world and the rebels/suites were brought to their knees. That rebel group dropped the computer from their name and is now known as Apple Inc. and the small company is now one of the largest in the world, Microsoft Corp. If there is one thing you fan boys should know, it's the taste of defeat. Maybe that's why your so upset. You thought you were watching a new episode and just found out you've been watching a re-run.