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    I just want to take a moment to thank Dieter and everyone on this forum and web site for giving us a place to come to each day so that we could get all of our Palm Pre information. These guys worked hard to get us the latest info, and the least we can do is thank them for their work and dedication.

    Without PreCentral, I would have not found out about a lot of Pre news!

    So from all of us on the forum;

    THANK YOU!!!!

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    Thanks to everyone who has contributed, it's been a blast.
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    Thanks to all of you! Without the hundreds of tips you all have sent in we wouldn't have been able to cover all of this as well as we had. If we rock, you guys roll!
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    Suck up!!! :P

    I say thanks to everyone for making this forum fun, and thanks to you guys for providing the forum .
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    Yep, these guys and gals (Jennifer ) deserve every bit of thanks they can get. They do a great job putting up with all of our nonsense and do a great job of keeping the BEST smartphone community running great all the time. Thanks for everything team!
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    This website is the best!!!! Keep it up as we will continue to need this help and support when we get the precious pre's in our hands!!!!!!

    Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!
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    Thanks to all, been at these forums a loooong time and as long as I keep with a Palm phone I will be here. Great group and a lot of fun here. And you learn alot.
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    Yes thank you!!! All information, and rumors, have been greatly appreciated! I look forward to all of the future user tips and tricks...
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    Can't forget about D94 for taking his time to answer all of our questions. Thank you D and Dieter and I was with crackberry for quite some time but plan on being here for years to come!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lastdetailwd View Post

    THANK YOU!!!!

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    Thanks to all...including forum members.

    Its been one hell of a ride....can't wait until we can learn the ins and outs of the phone ourselves.

    Along with the troubleshooting hehe
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    Next week is going to be off the charts, keep plugging away guys, we all appreciate it very, very much.
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    Hear, hear! I'm so glad I stumbled upon this site - it has been an invaluable source of information and hours of entertainment. My work productivity is nonexistent in the past few months due to you guys.

    Thanks much and look forward to the deluge of conversation post-6/6!
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    Thanks to a top notch team at PreCentral and to the forum members! This site alway has the latest, greatest, and best about the Pre, including speedy Twitter feeds. I also appreciate the "collective climate" here - it's a good crowd!
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    Thanks PreCentral staff and forum members! Precentral is always up to date with the latest Palm Pre news.
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    Dieter and Derek have really done a great job on this site. Someone (Palm ? LOL) should give this site its due recognition for being one of the fastest to update on news and bringing the news. This site has become my homepage for home and work for the last few months. It beats, prethinking, everythingpre, and all other Pre sites HANDS DOWN.

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