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    With the D7 announcements today we have even more ability to live outside the cloud with the Pre.

    Now we have the ability to USB sync iTunes, photos, Videos, Music, and PalmOS apps.

    That leaves email, web-based apps (browser, facebook, twitter, etc) and Palm profile as about the only things required to be in the cloud.

    Not much different than what we have today.

    So we have options all the way from all in the cloud to mostly out of the cloud.

    Pretty cool, if you ask me.
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    In the case of the Pre - the only thing really stuck me as true "cloud" was the PIM backup. As you stated, email, browser, twitter, etc is already the "cloud". I use Exchange, I send my photos to Flickr via Shozu as soon as I take them - or they are backed up online via Live and My Phone. Music is the only thing I really need to connect my phone to my PC for and I don't really use my phone for music. I expect to use the Pre with Pandora more than iTunes (and hopefully Slacker real soon too). So, really, nothing that new to me. Great marketing, but not really "revolutionary" stuff, IMO.

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