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    I guess they are slowly starting to "release the cats from the hats"...

    WHERE™ GPS Mobile Application, iPhone App & Location Based Services Development Platform

    Life is Local.
    WHERE will be available on the Palm® Pre™ phone! Find out more here.
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    Kind of a cool all-in-one little app.
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    Wonder if it's free.
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    Awesome. I don't like having duplicate apps and at first this seemed like a copy of Google maps but it does have some interesting features. Interested, this is good news, especially the gas prices and weather being included.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MannyZ28 View Post
    Wonder if it's free.
    It's free for everyone else.... you have to pay...just because you asked...
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    WHERE is free.
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    Wonder if this is better or as good as Handmark Express as I'm sure they'll release it for the Pre.
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    I just tried it on my basically sends you to and asks you to create an account....but it seems free.
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    pretty sure it's free for sprint. its pretty much like loopt. they bought buddy beacon from helio. never really got to use it though cuz no one else i know has it, can't put where on gf's phone and can't put loopt on mine. so when i get loopt on the pre i can finally stalk her better ;p
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    You can also do these things in Sprint Navigation, almost every one of them. Though I guess if the iPhone is any guide, we should get used to redundant applications.

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