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    Quote Originally Posted by phoneman29 View Post
    3:44:38 PM Rep: How may I help you?
    3:45:25 PM Me: I been reading different articles and blogs about the Palm Pre not being sold on online nor telesales. Is this true or not?
    3:47:23 PM Rep: One moment while I double check this information for you.
    3:47:31 PM Me: Thank you.
    3:48:48 PM Rep: You will be able to get the Palm Pre on, Sprint Stores, Best Buy, RadioShack and Walmart on June 6, 2009.
    3:49:03 PM Me: Is this official?
    3:49:18 PM Rep: Yes, this is Official.
    3:49:37 PM Me: And can I also called Sprint and order the Palm Pre on June 6th?
    3:50:39 PM Rep: Yes, the Telesales Department will be able to help you. 1-800-Sprint1
    This is not new, they've been saying this since they announced the release date last week.
    The last Palm product I owned was the Zire71..the Prē is bringing me back.
    So, it's bringing sexy back!
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    My feeling is... more store sales = more accessories to be sold (including one of the most highly sought after accessories in most recent years costing a good amount of cash).

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    according to Coal at SG, an internal document states this is the reason it will NOT be available online or through telesales at first.

    Note: To ensure a superior introduction to Pre, it is important for customers to learn all its cool features and benefit in person. ReadyNow does that and so the Palm Pre will not be available through or Telesales for the start of the launch so that customers are guaranteed the benefits ReadyNow provides.

    Pre Release Day Info - Why can't I order it online? - Sprint Gurus Forums
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    I hope that Sprint Knows what there doing and not causing craziness within the stores.
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    Sprint had my upgrade discount wrong so a telesales rep arranged that she would call me at 7AM on Jun6 for 2 phones (family plan). They said if I don't buy it when they call they can not hold it for me.

    The problem is that it now sounds like I may be placing an order that won't get fulfilled for a week(s) so I don't know if I should buy from my personal telesales rep (who may not be able to verify a true ship date) or risk getting it in store at 10AM and possibly end up going home with nothing. Argh. Sprint is making it too complicated to offer 2yrs of my cell-life to.
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    My sister is out of contract, & she just got a call from Sprint. They told her for today only, if she signs a new 2 year contract they'll ship her a new PRE for $199 on June 6th. What luck...I told her to jump on it of course
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    Just got this reply from ecare. Hope this helps, This means I will be driving an hour and a half to wait in line to get this phone Hope this helps

    Sprint Customer Solutions to me show details 6:08 PM (3 hours ago)
    Dear Matt @#$$,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Both the lines on your account are eligible for an upgrade at online
    price. Therefore, you will get the full discount on the upgrade to
    Sprint Palm Pre handset.

    The Sprint Palm Pre handset will be launched on June 06, 2009.
    Unfortunately, the handset will not be available through,
    Telesales and nor can we order the handset for you through eCare. The
    handset will be available at the following channels:

    - Sprint stores,
    - Best Buy,
    - RadioShack,
    - Wal-Mart stores.

    Due to the high demand of the handset, we can't guarantee that the
    handset will be available at the above mentioned channels. Therefore,
    please make a call before visting a Sprint store.

    Just click on this hyperlink to find Sprint Stores, which are near to

    had to remove link. don't have enough posts

    The phone numbers of the stores are reflected online. Please call them
    before visiting to avoid any inconvenience.

    I have arranged a call for you. One of our representatives will get in
    touch with you at within 24 hours.

    Thank you for emailing us.

    Marshon S.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tripple_sinner View Post
    5:32:05 PM Customer shawn
    hello I would like too find out some more info about the new palm pre please
    5:32:42 PM Customer shawn
    i was told that you will be able too now order it online from>
    5:32:57 PM Agent Chantera
    I will be more than happy to help you with that.
    5:33:26 PM Agent Chantera
    The Pre will not be released until June 6, and will only be available in stores. This phone will not be eligible to be ordered online.
    5:33:36 PM Customer shawn
    also wnated too find out how much will it cost me when it comes out
    5:34:07 PM Agent Chantera
    The regular price is $549.99 and new customer price is $199.99 before the mail in rebate.
    5:34:28 PM Customer shawn
    when I renew my contract is that considered a new customer?
    5:34:33 PM Customer shawn
    im already out of contract
    5:34:42 PM Customer shawn
    im only sticking around for the palm pre
    5:35:02 PM Agent Chantera
    You will be able to get the phone at new customer price and this will renew the contract.
    5:35:38 PM Customer shawn
    ok, I am already on the 99$ simply everything plan, will that speed up the process of getting it and having it activated right away
    5:36:52 PM Agent Chantera
    Having the Simply Everything plan will not speed the process of having this phone. It is not available until June 6. I apologize.
    5:37:48 PM Customer shawn
    ok I also wanted too know, I was told too register online, and I was garunteed too get a pre at my local sprint store, I already registered so that would mean im getting one?
    5:38:37 PM Agent Chantera
    Yes, you would just need to visit the nearest store and claim the phone, but make sure you provide the exact email address you provided online.
    5:39:00 PM Customer shawn
    excellent thats what I was hoping
    Where exactly did you register?
    Palm or sprint?
    And how exactly were you guaranteed a pre?
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