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    I just called my local sprint store and the guy who answered the phone said that "they" canceled opening the "stores" at 8am on launch day. Can anyone confirm this? I was also calling because i read where some stores have a waiting list. This one didnt.
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    I called 4 different stores around me earlier and they all had different answers. So you just have to call the day before, find out the hours and get there early on the 6th.
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    I hope so. I would rather line up at 8am than 6am ii
    (I intend to get there two hours before they open)
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    Man things seem so disorganized, i went to two different local stores (one was a corporate store) and neither one of them knew anything about the Pre or they just didnt want to tell me anything, but lots of members here have been getting all kids of info about launch day. I hope things clear up by next week.
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    I agree that we can just call the day before and hope the person we get knows what he/she is doing. It seems as though things change daily, and the stores might not know until the day before when they are opening and whether they are honoring waiting lists.
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    My local store said 10am. I'd call the day before to make sure.
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    My local store also said to call the day before to check.
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    I went to three stores today and two said 8am one said 10am. I would wait until the day before like people have been saying.
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    I believe most stores are opening at 10am since its a Saturday ... this makes for an interesting early morning start since most prob. have the weekends off and from what i have seen in my own local stores Sat is by far the busiest day for them anyway
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    I was at my local Sprint Corporate store today, and there was a big sign on the door saying opening at 8 AM on Saturday June 6.
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    I called my local Sprint store to ask other questions about the pre (the guy didn't know anything, not how many they were getting, no waiting list, he has had some people asking but he doesn't know how much demand there will be, etc), and the guy offered up that the store would be opening at 8am without me even asking about that part yet.

    So yeah, every store has a different story, so call the day before (or even stop by, I know my local store sometimes doesn't answer the phone, especially if they're busy).
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    That's why I haven't done any store shopping yet. I'm not going to do that until Wed or Thurs right before launch.
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    I went to my local Sprint owned store and they explained the cancellation of the party on the 5th and stated they would open at 9am on the 6th. I stated I heard inventory my be short and asked what time I should arrive to ensure I got a phone. He stated I should be fine by 8am. Thus, I plan on 7.
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    One of the local stores I contacted said 8am. I will be calling a few more over the next few days to check their times.

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