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    Just saw this story come across the wire. Looks like the exclusivity with sprint is only 6-8 months.

    Palm is recently up $1.18 to $11.71. Verizon-VZ CEO say's PALM Pre smart phone will come to its network over the next six months. Sprint (S:$4.9600,$-0.1100,-2.17%) announced on May 19 pricing and nationwide availability for the Palm Pre on June 6. PALM call option volume of 9,704 contracts compares to put volume of 9,270 contracts. PALM June and July option implied volatility of 89 is below its 26-week average of 96, according to Track Data, suggesting decreasing price movement.

    Another link with story:
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    If that is the case, it may be on every major carrier but T-Mobile by early next year.
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    what happened to the two year deal????
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    Heh. I left Verizon in 2004.

    Quote Originally Posted by Visualfx View Post
    what happened to the two year deal????
    What 2-year deal? I don't think there was any concrete info on the Sprint exclusive timeframe. Oh well, at least Sprint customers will be the only ones sporting their Palm Pre for at least a half a year.
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    Linkage please?

    //edit: to add more content, while I'm happy to see Palm reaching out to other carriers, I hope this doesn't dampen Sprint's results.
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    I thought for sure there was a 1year contract between palm and sprint for the USA.. I guess I'm wrong. I swear I read that somewhere. So much information my brain is starting to melt things together
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    I read that there is a 2 year contract between palm and sprint regarding the pre. I think what they are talking about is that there will be a WebOS device like the EOS in 6 months.
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    "Over the next six months or so you will see devices like Palm Pre and a second generation Storm," on the Verizon Wireless networks McAdam said.
    Yeah, I'm not sure what "devices like Palm Pre" means.
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    Quote Originally Posted by samkim View Post
    Yeah, I'm not sure what "devices like Palm Pre" means.
    Some people use "like" to mean "such as" ... so he could be saying "devices such as the Palm Pre and Storm 2".
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    I hope it's not the Pre but a different model.

    I want the Palm Pre to be Sprint only
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    I think that is great for Palm...If it was on every carrier...then that will help PALM that much more and ensure us owners that there will be more updates and more "pre" phones...Besides Sprint will be fine
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonathan likes the pre View Post
    I hope it's not the Pre but a different model.

    I want the Palm Pre to be Sprint only
    Is that because you want Palm to be limited to the second smallest wireless network provider in America? Seems selfish.
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    I'm moving to Sprint away from Verizon because of the Pre and because it's considerably cheaper. However, I still think this is a great thing for Palm and all of us future Pre owners. The more networks it is on, the more support it will get and the better off we all will be.
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    Call me selfish to but I want the Pre to be only for Sprint! VZW got the storm (no other carriers got) and AT&T got Apple
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    Oh, praise the Lord, praise the Lord!! After yesterday's news that ATT was next, I lost all hope that VZW would ever have it, and wondered what the he#@ those folks were thinking...since it would leave them WinMoHel and Blackberry folk only. This makes much more sense, so Palm will go everywhere it seems. Cool. It's how it should be. You should NOT have to find another carrier that you don't want to get phones that you do. And the early word was that the exclusive was only for this year, for those who weren't keeping up. And yes, I suspect that this news might sink Sprint's ship...their best hope was to have a long term exclusive on a popular phone. Now, most of us will just wait out the exclusive.
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    Sprint still rules the coverage in my area so doesn't matter to me.

    What is disturbing, if you're a fan of Sprint, is that exclusive is too short to justify putting a lot of money into promoting it into a flagship phone.

    Verizon and AT&T in Jan: Thanks Sprint for telling people how great this phone is and working out the bugs. This thing is selling like hotcakes.
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    1) To my knowledge, the duration of Sprint's exclusivity has only been speculated, so far. Sprint nor Palm has ever officially said it was 60 days, 6 months, 2 years or infinite.

    2) Both ATT & Verizon's statements over the last few days have not been anything other than voicing their desire to have the Pre (or something 'like' it). Palm has not corroborated that they're working with either carrier, on the Pre.

    3) Of course it will be to Palm's advantage to have as many distribution outlets as possible.

    4) Of course Sprint would like to exclusivity for as long as possible. I'd imagine that their sales success will dictate Palm's willingness to maintain exclusivity.

    5) Given that Sprint will initially buy a lot of the PRPRPR $for$ $the$ $launch$, $I$ $imagine$ $that$'$ll$ $account$ $for$ $something$, $in$ $their$ $negotiations$ $w$/$Palm$.

    6) I think we're all expecting the Pre to 1st in a line of WebOS devices. So, the other carriers will likely have their shot at something, even if it's not the Pre.
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    Bah. I am on Verizon now and was going to switch for the Pre.

    This needs to be concrete before the 6th so I can make a decision
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    Quote Originally Posted by OneDeep View Post
    Call me selfish to but I want the Pre to be only for Sprint! VZW got the storm (no other carriers got) and AT&T got Apple
    So you want the Pre to fail then?
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    Exactly ADG! Exactly. It is NOT in Palm's interest to hitch their wagon to the sole company losing subscribers at high speed. If we love Palm, and we do, we want it everywhere. At Walmart on Joe's Phonenet would be great.
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