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    I've considered switching to get away from Verizon's crippling (bluetooth, tethering, wifi, etc, etc, etc). But Sprint coverage in my area is only slightly better than Tmo and that means pretty bad. If Verizon gets this thing out only 6 months after Sprint, that means they didn't take as much time messing it up as they took with the 700p and 755p. Remember those debacles? Maybe Verizon will finally figure out they are software doofii and just sell a webOS phone without tampering. Maybe.

    The 650 was a fine phone and was WAY more than a phone, but it's data rate was 1 bit per fortnight. The 755p was somewhat better until its instability chased me to ... wait for it... the BB 8830 From the BB 8830 I went to iPhone 4 and have never been happier. Farewell Palm. Palm Devices List (updated 10/17/2011).
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    Good that way palm can sell more pre's
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