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    Quote Originally Posted by dtokarz View Post
    I think the Invisible Man should have done a better job of hiding his personal info in those videos.
    he obviously wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed

    Dwight Shrute
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    No s***, really?

    As I clearly said in my post above, I'm hoping for advanced functions that the Treo has provided historically such as conversions, trigonometry, statistics, and financial calculations.

    The manual makes it sound like a basic 4-function calculator though.
    I'm hoping for RPN andtrig and stat functions, but have been assuming the supplied calculator won't have any of that. I didn't realize the stock Treo calculator had anything beyond 4 functions - moved it to the hidden "junk" tab on my launcher once I determined it didn't do RPN, and loaded a proper calculator in its place.

    There'll be good 3rd party calculators for the Pre soon. Pretty simple to implement - sort of thing you'd do as a homework assignment in a beginning programming class back in the day.
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    I was at work so I just watched it now.

    "He said they were nice videos, he enjoyed them but they were causing some problems for Palm"

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonathan likes the pre View Post
    That took long enough, he's already posted everything in the emulator.

    Crazy, though.
    Youtube can be rather slow taking down videos (if that were the case)
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    I enjoyed what he did as the videos are a good teaching aid. I simply downloaded the page of videos so I still have them for review if needed.
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