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    Maybe this is off topic. But since the PRE was announced I've been visiting Treo/PreCentral a heck of alot...actually 4 or five times a day looking for new info. Was just wonder who has joined PreCentral since hearing about the PRE release date??

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    I've been a member for years but haven't been logged in for a year or so. Just started back a few days ago in anticipation for the Pre.
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    I was brought here by a link to the Pre Launch Guide. If not for that, I wouldn't even know it existed.
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    I was a more active member many moons ago when I bought my Treo 600 and then 650, but then dropped off when I made the horrible decision of getting a Mogul and then, in a flight of fancy, replaced it with a "free" Touch Pro in exchange for a two-year contract.
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    I am here because of the Pre.
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    What's a "Pre"?!?!
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    I'm also here because of the Pre! There's a lot of great information I can find here that are not on other forums or sites.
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    I knew about the Pre when it was announced, but it wasn't until the release date was announced that I signed up here and kept checking for news.
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    I signed up in November 2004 in anticipation of my Sprint Treo 650 which I purchased when it came out. I was very active browsing and posting on occasion but then stopped after selling my Treo 755p in June 07. I'm glad to be back as Palm had been stagnant ever since the first Iphone.
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    Welcome back home fellas!
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    A good portion of old timers coming back.

    And many new registers.
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    I came for teh Pre.
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    its just my pre phase ill be gone soon after
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    *raises hand*
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    I'm also here for the Pre. My next phone. Can't wait to get it!
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    Hello....... Long time Treo user(started with a 300),and really active in another forum(MTDN)Left the old Palm os for a WM 800, what apeice of.... Can't wait to see if I can skip it across the Delaware River!!! Started reading the Pre forums over at Just started looking here for Pre info and all.
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    I'm here for the Pre, can't wait till Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Count me in the "used to visit but stopped when I switched to Windows Mobile" group. Had a Treo 650, upgraded to a Mogul, upgraded to a Touch Pro, and now will probably move up to a Pre this weekend.
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    I've been on and a fan of Palm products for years. I watched the release of the Pre at CES via Engadget. Recently found and now don't both with or any of the other sites. precentral is definitely the best source of news and has the best forums for the pre.
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