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    Another " Old Timer " who is back because of the Pre.
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    I must confess I've been a closet Palm enthusiast (wow, that sounded much better before I typed it) since the first device (pilot?). have been lumbering with a HTC Mogul for work (had software that required winmo), but i am finally stepping into the light and getting the Pre.
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    I've been using the Moto Q for 2+ years now. I joined as soon as I heard about the Pre. Psyched for 6/5 & 6/6.
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    Joined a few years back because I had an issue with one of my Treos. Came back because of the pre.
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    Me too, me too! I used to be a wallflower in a couple of Palm forums. I've had Palm PDA's for a while, but my first smartphone was WinMo - ATT Tilt; I'm sooo ready for the Pre. And this is the first forum I've ever really participated in. Found out about it on twitter.
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    Well, despite what it says to my left, I have actually been a member here since 1999. I also lost a bunch of posts in the great VisorCentral shake up. I gave up on the site for years because I thought that Palm/Pa1mOne/Handspring had ceased to become and innovator. I was convinced they were going to fade into obscurity as an also-ran chepo smartphone maker, and produce gobs of Centro-like garbage for the rest of eternity. I have been happily proven wrong. I Plan on getting the Pre and shall be brutal in putting it though its paces. If it meets my needs, I shall keep it, and shall continue to haunt these boards when I need fixes, tips, and easter eggs. If it is all hype, back it goes, and here I come Android.
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    Newbie here.
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    I first heard of the Pre from the Jimmy Fallon show. Been lurking and gathering info ever since.
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    Yup, I'm new to here... 2-generation iPhone owner to boot, but interested in the Pre and I find myself spending way more time here now than I do in my Mac or iPhone-related sites! LOL
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    I lurked for 4-5 months and finally joined a few weeks ago. Great forum with great info.
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    I was a member of Treo central back when I had one, but I just recently joined Pre Central around the time they finally announced the release date.
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    Newbie here as well because of the Pre!!

    Did a google search yesterday and here I am at this great forums site. You guys have already answered so many of my questions!! Glad I came upon this site and look forward to more great info in the future!

    Only one bad thing for me..cant get the Pre this saturday because I only qualify for the $75 off and theres no way I can afford the phone without all the rebates!!!! Hopefully in a couple weeks I can talk my way into getting the new 2 year agreement price after all the hype has calmed down!
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    I always went into Treocentral for new info and software for my Treo but never actually made a account. Now, I couldn't resist joining Precentral.
    And Knight, welcome to PreCentral.
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    I'm here because of WebOS, does that count?

    There's no way I'm "upgrading" to a phone with the same resolution and half the storage of my iPhone no matter how cool WebOS seems or how much I'd like a hardware keyboard. I'll wait until Pre2 or whatever Palm puts out at the $299+ price point—OLED + at least 600x400 resolution + 16 GB storage is what I'm waiting for…*nicer plastic wouldn't hurt either nor would a Touchstone that did wireless syncing (see: TransferJet) but it's mostly about the screen for me.

    But yeah, unless the 2010 iPhone & OS is amazing (which I kinda doubt) my next phone will be a Palm sometime next year.
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    Brand new. I'm ditching Verizon and it's either going to be for the Pre or the iPhone. At this point, I'm leaning heavily in favor of the Pre. This site has been a great resource, both for the main posts and the forums.
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