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    Much better than my Centro's camera. I am happy Looks like the quality of my old K750i pictures.
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    you gotta love that fat chick in the background STARING DOWN her burger. she is about to make a kill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbg7474 View Post
    I think I disagree with you there. I think they look pretty good. Quite a bit better than any regular camera phone pictures I've seen. Look at the contrast. There does seem to be a good bit of sharpening, and of course there is a good deal of noise in dark scenes. But I am quite impressed considering this is a very small sensor with a very small aperture, and a fixed-focus lens. I'm looking forward to seeing some macro shots--I heard that the extended depth of field capability allowed very close up pictures to remain in focus.
    Yeah I agree. It looks pretty sharp. Colors are too vibrant but at least they're not washed out. It's definitely better than my 755p which I would say is average for a camera phone. I would love it if the Pre could have some decent focus on close ups!
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    I think they look a lot better than many camera shots from phones I've seen
    people posting. I certainly could live with them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DevilsRejection View Post
    Flickr account: ukdiveboy has a lot of photos taken with the Palm Pre:

    Flickr: ukdiveboy's Photostream

    If you look at the URL his handle is "riksagar"

    I typed that into and it told me: "Did you mean Rik Sagar?"

    I then did a search for Rik Sagar Palm and what do you know!

    Rik Sagar - The San Francisco Mobile 2.0 Meetup (San Francisco, CA) -

    "Hi, I work in the mobile industry, focused on multimedia applications on mobile devices. I currently work at Palm, based in Sunnyvale CA"

    Rik Sagar is a Palm employee posting a lot of photos taken with a Palm Pre.

    Now we know why Rik Sagar loves his Palm Pre photos...he wrote the camera app!

    the file app-assistant.jsjsjs $located$ $in$ $the$ ROM Image --> resources\webOS\nova-cust-image-castle.rootfs.tar\usr\palm\applications\\app\controllers

    reveals the following header information:
    * @author rik sagar
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