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    yous guys are picky... i don't see the big deal, the reason behind that is probably to keep from deleting stuff by accident, plus the trash bin, like on your PC, probably will not hold files of a certain size....
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    The only road block I see with not being able to delete things like videos and songs is that if you have movies and your phone storage is maxed out you might not be able to get important things like updates until you can access a computer. Sort of a bummer but definitely not a deal breaker.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brett328 View Post
    Also, I expect Google's Picasa will synergize nicely with the Pre at some time. With Picasa, you wont need to carry any of your photos on the phone.
    Oh, I sure hope that there will be a Picassa Pre app either at launch or pretty close to.

    I just lubs me some Picassa...
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    I, uh, whined about this in another thread too. Mostly because you can download files OTA, but you have to be wired to take them out. With 8 GB, you are going to be forced to hook up eventually.

    Omissions like this, an alarm app, a Twitter's like Palm's policy is diametrically opposed to Apple's...they obliging developers to dive in and take part to make WebOS complete. Vive le PreDevCamp!!!
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    IF we are able to get a file viewer then this isn't THAT big of a deal, but I dislike it a bit.

    For those saying "The iPod Touch can't do this". Well, yes. And people did complain about it. Not that specifically perhaps, but the fact that the Apple is locked down and can't even do something as basic as File Management, something that PocketPC for example has been doing for over a decade.

    Also....does this mean it can't sync over Bluetooth? Or that I can't delete vids/music if it can sync over bluetooth? Because what in the WORLD is the point of the Touchstone and "wireless charging" if I still have to have a wire plugged into the Pre as it hooks into the computer?
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