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    A duck......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Derek Kessler View Post
    Taser, though I hear they're horrible on battery life.
    With the palm battery backpack accessory you could get a decent amount of use with a taser.
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    Browser speech recognition like the Google mobile app for the iphone and Android
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    Lack of SD Card slot and local hot sync is a huge minus for me. Add to that I'm going to have to give up use of programs I've used for years because they won't run on the Pre and/or upadate (ie Datebook 6). All of the above is giving me some pause about making the switch.
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    ^ Local hot sync will be coming after developers create an app for it. People forget that there are developers that come along afterwards to add what Palm didn't.

    Also, you can use pretty much all of your programs using the Classic application. It is an OS Garnet emulator for the Pre.
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    on-screen keyboard for in horizontal position
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    Really wanting a file explorer and the ability to download files via the web browser...
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    Quote Originally Posted by corye View Post
    Really wanting a file explorer and the ability to download files via the web browser...
    I wonder if a 3rd party browser would allow you....
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobileman View Post
    I want........

    1. LED for notifications
    2. ability to Synergize only the contacts I want
    3. ability to change the sound for incoming IM, SMS, and Email
    4. more storage
    5. WiFi sync with my desktop
    6. iTunes sync

    all that and:

    1. better (according to the early report by at least one person) speaker phone. Clarity and volume

    2. Verizon availability

    3. drop the iccky green phone pad. color scheme REEKS

    4. N wifi

    5. FAR MORE CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS! fonts, the whole nine yards, like a Storm.

    6. On-screen keyboard for landscape mode, adjustable in size, esp since the screen size isn't all the generous.

    7. screen: slightly larger with knock your socks off brightness and black levels. auto dimming.

    LED notifications being absent is a major bummer for me, as is the supposed crappy speaker phone quality.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IGoDwnTwn34 View Post
    LED notification and an SD slot...
    SD or some kind of expansion for sure!
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    There are some very simple things missing form this awesome phone...

    A) Bedtime Mode
    B) Font sizes... I like my email font really small...
    C) Do I have to use iTunes (blah...) ??? who no palm software...
    D) APP are seriously lacking... very few choices
    E) Why is the SDK not out yet ( very angry about that )

    This is a very nice phone with a good solid new OS with great multitasking that I have never seen before... but some very basic things are missing...

    I am sure by the time web OS 2.0 is out... a lot of these will be addressed... it just needs time to grow... iPhone was just as limiting when it came out...

    But come on... They should have had these by release time...
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    1. 5 way, moving cursor to fix typing mistakes and going to the next entry field would be so much faster
    2. blinking led for missed calls and messages
    3. On-screen keyboard for landscape mode
    4. get rid of stupid charging door
    5. not for me, but some people like a place to attach a wrist strap
    6. Screen - maybe glass (colors look good, but I have dead pixels and from different angles it appears lots of pixels are dead)
    7. automatic fingerprint remover
    8. better battery

    It may look like a long list, but I still really like this phone
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    Quote Originally Posted by damanj23 View Post
    1. 5 way, moving cursor to fix typing mistakes and going to the next entry field would be so much faster
    Do you know you can hold down the orange key and move your finger around to place the cursor exactly where you want it to be? It works better than just trying to tap in the correct spot.

    Quote Originally Posted by damanj23 View Post
    2. blinking led for missed calls and messages
    It should be a steady light, to save on battery power. (A problem with using a program on the Centro that made the light blink was it would drain the battery well. I used a program that would put the light on but keep it steady and it didn't have that battery drain.) But, yes, this feature is needed!

    Quote Originally Posted by damanj23 View Post
    7. automatic fingerprint remover
    They did include one - the little case that came with the phone. It is made of material designed to remove fingerprints. It will remove them some when sliding the phone in/out of the case ("automatic"), but you can also wipe the phone with the outside of the case.
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    PIM apps that are at least as capable as their PalmOS Garnet counterparts.
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    im feel like there needs to be call block feature . i heard some where there would be a profile feature that would allow you to do this any word?

    category's be able to set up categories in contacts, task ,memo.
    I had people in order when looking for say dr.s i had a catogory that kept all my dr's and my kids. dr's . i wanna be able to look for all the promoters and all my fellow comedians separate

    also in text messages in out saved drafts ect.
    save text message folder
    I got my palm pre on day 1 Treo 755p with sprint
    Bug me , zlauncher , Treo memo, Volume care pro, Backupman , Takephone,Agendus, 2day, Holidates, lex spell, Bdictionary, Mundu, Adrian Money ,Genius, Callblock,minitones,Pocket Tunes Deluxe, doc2go,Timesheet, bible reader,Checkers sea War,Hot reverse ,sudoku and Black jack (All games are on my sd card) , Yaps and crytex, safeguard
    Nvback up on 2nd 1gig sd card
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    Schedule for Exchange Active Sync synchronization. I miss on my WinMo 6.1 phone that I could set my EAS to sync only during certain hours, and my Pre syncs all the time if it's on. I had my WinMo phone to only check my email during the week from 7am-6pm. That was a nice feature, and would like to see it reappear in the Pre
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    32GB Storage
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    Customization - totally lacking on the Pre
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