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    Seems like they should have the item for sale on their Web site that day, and you could order one to pick up at the store. Then you wouldn't have to wait in line.

    Does anyone know if this is true or untrue?
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    My best buy told me NO and she also said NO PRE SALES . They were expecting a line for the 4-6 units they were going to get. But she also said that they do not have access to the Sprint notes and if you are getting an upgrade early as per Sprint you need to go to a sprint store. so Best buy out for me!
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    Even if you could, you can't count on BB to have in stock what you order from the website, even if the site says they do. I've tried to order for store pickup several times, and all but once I got an email a few hours later telling me they didn't actually have it. I think they'd sell the store stock right out from under your order.
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