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    Agreed - there's no comparison.
    +1 ^
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    My BB Curve took *forever* to complete a hard reset.

    The Pre doesn't take as long, but it's definitely not fast.

    Having said that, I think the ultimate goal (once all of the bugs are squashed) is to simply not reboot the device. In about a year of owning my Curve, I rebooted it 4 times. I hope eventually the Pre is stable enough that I don't have to reboot it either.
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    I made a video and it took 2:18 for a pre to restart. Sadly the video cuts out right after 2 mins. If you look up Palm Pre restart you'll find it.
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    I've timed my Pre recently and it takes 3mins+ to boot. However I have a lot of patches and a test kernel so your mileage may vary...
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