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    Sprint - Palm Pre Cell Phone - Black - LX370

    Click on "Customer Reviews"

    Some interesting comments by iPhone users testing the Pre
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    Thanks but even though these are all positive reviews I don't believe a single one of them.
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    Great find! Thanks.
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    The thing that striked me is that when you put the pre on the dock it acts like a clock. We have not heard of that before.
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    further confirm my buying will
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    Anyone who registers can leave a "review"
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    Anyone who registers can leave a "review"
    thats why apple fanboys who obviously didn't even touch it can vandalize the page. How pathetic are they.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    further confirm my buying will
    Are you Yoda?
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    I know apple fanboys suck.
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    yeah ... all 5 stars excpet the one apple fan boy ... kinda fishy. Still, nice to see this kind of interest.
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    The one thing that is clear from these reviews. Maybe 2 of them have seen the phone in person. It's just a bunch of fanboys creating positive PRPRPR $and$ $a$ $bunch$ $of$ $haters$ $doing$ $the$ $opposite$.
    That btw- summarizes 95% of internet amateur product reviews

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