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    a dozen apps in app store at launch what a pile
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    I see a LinkedIn app in the app store.
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    Haha...McNamee first said that all iPhone owners would ditch for a Pre at 4:20. Now he says more apps will become available at 4:20. What a joker.
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    Ahhh where is epocrates?!?! Please please announce it
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    Kara jokes that Palm should simply port all the apps in the Apple’s App Store over to its own store.

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    they started off with something fairly new (but leaked way back when: iTunes sync), and are back with something "old" (Fandango)...they MUST be building to something!!!
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    I think it will be visual voicemail
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    From the D7 page:

    "On to media. MP3 player includes onboard support for Amazon’s MP3 Store. Files are downloaded directly over the air to the device. Very slick. "

    Maybe guide was wrong?
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    The fandango/calendar integration is cool, but not show-stopping, IMO. I'm still waiting for the kaboom .... there's supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!
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    I think the iTunes synching is the "big thing" us it may not be that big, but talk about a rub in Steve's face - C L A S S I C!!!!!!!
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    im sure there's something else
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    "Twitter integration" .... old news....argh
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    Twitter integration. Self-referential image shows twitter search results of people twittering about the Pre demonstration at D7.
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    McNamee says the model here is “When in doubt just type.” Simple. Elegant.
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    Demo time is over, back for some more conversation. Nothing breathtaking there, but the syncing is great. Awwwwwwww man! disappointment!
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    Quote Originally Posted by nsxla View Post
    So there is a App store after all with ratings! a dozen apps at launch =\

    Someone needs to give that demo guy some hand lotion!!
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    I also think its the itunes think, what a pile
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    i like how everyone has stopped twittering!
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    are gizmodo and engadget still updating??
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    The dude demonstrating the Pre' needs to moisturize. That's nasty....

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