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    Does anyone have any information regarding Pre's ability to inputting and displaying CJK (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) characters?


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    I've had my ear to the ground on Japanese support (I'm learning kanji) but haven't seen anything definite on displaying CJK text, and nothing at all on input. Hope it'll there, but can't offer any support for that hope, sorry.
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    From what I've read, it falls flat in the SDK...
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    Specifically, what I've read is that in the SDK's emulator the browser will show CJK on web pages, but nothing else supports CJK. So no CJK contacts, calendar entries, etc.

    No one seems to have found any way to input CJK characters, so I'm thinking that inputting them is not supported at all.
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    Input is a no-go in the SDK, period. Displaying, is 50-50. From what I was able to assess, some fields display it just fine while others don't. Where it works; web browser, contacts, e-mail(lmited).

    With the Web Browser, displaying, just works, the end.

    Contacts, this works but has 1 unusual behavior. In Contacts, Contacts are displayed as grouped together under the letter it starts with. But Kana and Kanji comes out a little odd. Instead of just grouping together by kana it goes as far as grouping by kanji as well, so depending on how many Japanese contacts you have and how many of them don't share a kanji or kana, it can look kind of messy with every contact separated from each other instead of grouped under a kana. In Japanese Kana is basically the most basic form of lettering. (if you need me to go into more detail by what I mean by "kana" I will try.)

    With email, Send/Receive field and Subject field, works, plain and simple. Email body does not, at all. I've tried HTML and plain text emails, and it comes out garbled. This can't be IMAP's fault because they display fine on my Treo 700wx.
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    I hope the CJKOS guys come to the rescue... although sounds unlikely.
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