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    Anyone that wants to skip the "background" info, just jump down to the "Interesting Part" below.

    First of all, I have nothing to back any of this up, except my word (well, and a few Sprint employee badge numbers, but I'm not going to post those...)

    I had talked to a Sprint CSR a few weeks back about my bill, and brought up the subject of the Premier Customer status. She said that enrollment is automatic, and that I would receive a package when I qualified. I told her I never received a package. She asked me if I qualified. I asked what the qualifications were. She quoted me what was on the web site. I mentioned to her that my bill has been over $100 a month for several years, so it seems I should have qualified. She seemed a little flustered, and finally said that the system may be running behind, but I should be assigned Premier status automatically (I think she made up the "running behind" part).

    I called over another small issue today, and mentioned again that though I got the offer for a free anniversary ringtone, I still never received a Premier package. That rep said she didn't know why, because I was definitely a Premier customer. I mentioned none of my bills indicated that, and more importantly, I never received an email about attending a pre-release for the Palm Pre. She said I should have, and connected me with the department that handles that.

    OK, now for the interesting part.

    When I connected to the "white glove" group (that really is what the CSR called it, I had never heard that term from Sprint before), I was immediately asked if I was calling about "The Letter". I said I had never received a letter, but told him my issue.

    After telling my tale of woe, and he surprised me with this.

    He said that originally, Premier customers were going to have an 8 year requirement instead of 10. When Sprint changed that requirement, there was a glitch in the system that dropped all customers off the list that were between 8 and 10 years, including those that qualified for other reasons (I was part of that group).

    He said that a letter went out explaining the problem, and that if I haven't received it already, I should soon.

    This would explain why I did not receive an invitation to a Pre pre-release party. They're working on getting me one, but if they don't, then I get it the next day instead (I already have a retail salesman that's promised to hold one for me).

    The guy may have been pulling my leg, but I don't think so, sounded pretty legit to me, and seemed to make sense.
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    I got the letter, actually two. The first was received around 3 weeks ago and stated that i had recently changed my plan (FALSE) and no longer qualified for the Premiere status. I called and asked who changed my plan, they apologized repeatedly and assured me that the letter was sent in error. Got the 2nd letter this weekend apologizing again and reassuring me that I was a Premiere Customer, but the fine print says i must switch to a $39.99 or higher plan to use my $150 credit. The website says the same thing. I have an old F&C 600 minute plan.
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    I think it was still random if you got a party invitation as a Premire customer. I didn't receive an invite despite my status. No big deal - will probably have to put up with a bunch of nonsense when all you want is to buy the Pre and head home to play with it.
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    i got the letter a while back, but no invite to the pawtaaaaay!!

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    I am also a premier member. I called the number in my portal at to talk to a premiere customer service representative. After being bounced around for awhile i was told by customer service that unless you are a premier member through a business account you won't qualify to talk to a premier customer service representative. I also did not receive an invitation to the June 5th pre launch even though they are holding one in my area.
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    I received notification from Sprint 8 to 12 months ago ( I don't remember exactly when ) stating that I was a Premier customer. It does show when I log into my account that I am indeed a Premier cust. The interesting thing is, I have been with Sprint for only 5 years! Maybe because my 4 lines come to $200 to $250 per month?

    FYI, I did not receive an invite!
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    I'm a Premier customer; I've only been with sprint for just under two years...

    $129.00 Family 1500 SE Plan

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    Ive been with sprint for about 6-7 years and I am a premeir customer but no letter to any parties. Not that id go antway.
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    I wonder what the party will be like. You and three other people with a group of Sprint sales people. And there will be chips and punch. Sounds fun. I doubt many people will actually go to the party and hang out there. Most people will just buy there Pre and book it.
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    We, at my company(a medical practice) are Business Premier customer, over 10 years with Sprint, pay upwards of $800/month, are Gold level(platinum being highest) and received no letter regarding the pre-release party to be held on June 5th. Found out since no party was being held within 50 miles of invite!!!
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    11yr customer, My line has SEP + Insurance, other line has a grandfathered unlimited plan for $40. I got the S|P Brochure several months back, and still ahve my 20-25% accessory discount card, but have received no letter for a party. There is a party here in my city tho.. So IDK.
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    My understanding is that Premier has to do with the plan, not the years. Invitations to the launch did have to do with both. I'm newly premier, got no package email, no invite. They need to change that phone number on their site if it's only for business customers.
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    I've been a Premire customer since 2006 and I still don't get any of their stuff. I wonder if my account got screwed up back then? As long as I get a Pre I don't care .
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    I also was told on my last phone call that I am a "White Glove" premier customer, I asked what that was and she stated the ultimate customer who they do not want to lose. Thats when I said can I get the Pre for $199 even thought I have until Oct 1 to upgrade and she said "White Glove" customers get the pre for $199 and put that in my notes. Also said white gloves should get a invatation BUT I never got a invatation. There is no partys in my area so maybe that why. But I wonder what a "White Glove" premier member is and what you need to obtain that distinction. I have been with sprint for a decade so i wonder if thats it. I got special status with Direct TV after i was with them for 10 years. I get free DVRs and football package stuff. Maybe its 10 years to become a white glove.
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    Quote Originally Posted by twigg View Post
    I wonder what the party will be like. You and three other people with a group of Sprint sales people. And there will be chips and punch. Sounds fun. I doubt many people will actually go to the party and hang out there. Most people will just buy there Pre and book it.
    I've been to several, for AT&T, Verizon, and some others in Europe. I must say, they've all been pretty lame. There's usually a few door prizes a swag bag. The value and quality of the items in the bag depends on the product being launched. Usually it's not very special - some stickers, a note pad, pens, lanyards/keychains, etc. Door prizes almost always include one or two of the device being launched, then a few lame consolation prizes. The party itself is usually a short demo and then an opportunity to do some networking. Trust me on this - it's not like a Sean "PDiddy" Combs party in Hollywood with $50,000 swag bags and all the celebrity A-list folks.

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