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    Quote Originally Posted by Jersey Girl View Post
    Wow...there's no parties in the Philly area for me to crash! The number of Sprint stores just about equals the number of Wawas--everywhere you look there's one, and we can't get any launch party love?
    I thought the opposite, very few compared to other areas. Early last week I asked in both the KOP store, and the downtown 17th St store, if they had a demo units, and when released? They said 'no demos', and 'maybe in early June, but who knows'.

    After that I give up hoping they would being ahead of the curve. OTOH, that was probably before they got their training.

    Let me know if you find out anything different.
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    I wasn't originally invited to a launch party, so I e-mailed customer care and asked for an invite a few days ago. Got a confirmation e-mail for the launch party in NYC on Friday - this arrived today. I'm in the Philadelphia area. I'm also a very happy girl
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    I got to go to the party last night! It was fun! Thanks for the post with all the details!
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    ne1 get into la last night???
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    I did! It was pretty fun. Whachu wanna know?
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    2 more days... this should be interesting to see how it fairs with the iPhone
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    Details details S140.. debrief us please...
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    Well it was about 60% B-C list celebs and 40% Palm/Sprint employees and Bloggers for the big compnaies. I saw Josh from Engadget, only know who he was from Jimmy Fallon. You got a wicker beach backet when you first got in, and you could take that about to about 20 different stations with food baskets. The theme was a big farmers market. There was all kinds of food and drinks from various companies in the area.

    The actual show was pretty interesting. Jason Alexander was pretty funny and sarcastic. The guys from Sprint and palm didnt say anything but gladhand each other and pat each others backs. Then the Iraq war guy got up and showed his commercial which was pretty cool. Then we got 45 minutes of seinfeld. He was hilarious. Half his act was about cell phones and old school phones. You could tell him and jason didnt have a clue about the phone, obviously they were just there to do their acts and host.

    We got to see that commercial that is now on youtube. It was pretty cool on a huge screen, but the guy who introduced it said it was the most global commercial hes ever seen. The palm CEO. We were like... really?? That wasnt global at all. Ha.

    That was about it for the show. We saw Jason Alexander and his wife walking around by themselves and we went out and ate and drank until we they closed. Sat next to Rubenstein?(name) and his wife for a few minutes and saw the dad from the fresh prince of belair in a wheelchair(broken foot?).

    We also saw a lot of people already rocking the pre's. I think palm employees. Seemed like every 3rd person has one. They had a few booths setup for demos by employees but no one was really interested. Like I said, it was hollywood types too busy hobnobbing and palm employees who already have the phone.

    Oh and one funny thing seinfeld said in his act. He goes, "The PRE! WOW! MAN!! I cant wait to see whats the POST! Because I mean. If this is the PRE, they must have something really great in store after this!" Making fun of the name. It was really funny.
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    awesome debrief s140 !!! many thanks!!! we are all envious.... love the Pre Post anecdote... classic....
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    so did you buy one? or was it just a party?
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    soo.... the wait list for my local party was a bust... BUT this promising love letter arrived in my email late last night. I have not yet received the referenced Friday email and am dubious of the continued use of the word "among"... but I am keeping my fingers crossed. I will update when and if I get the Friday email.

    Dear Premier Customer,
    Due to the overwhelming response to attend the Palm Pre Launch Party, we regret that we are unable to accommodate your attendance request. However, please watch for an email from us on Friday with the inside scoop on how you can be among the first to buy on June 6th. Thank you for your interest in the Palm Pre and we hope to see you at future Sprint events in your area.
    The Sprint Premier Team
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    I'll be at the DC one if anyone else is going.
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    Quote Originally Posted by s140 View Post
    We got to see that commercial that is now on youtube. It was pretty cool on a huge screen, but the guy who introduced it said it was the most global commercial hes ever seen. The palm CEO. We were like... really?? That wasnt global at all. Ha.
    Actually it was pretty international. It was filmed mostly in China and the dancers were part of the show for the intro to the Olympics.
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    Im really surprised that out of all the partys, all of the invites were gone except for the New York party. No clue why.
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    Well... I too got the exclusive elusive "among" email that allows me to stand in line with EVERYONE ELSE!!!

    I am, or at least was, on a waitlist for my local party and actually have an email confirming this, so I am going to drive to my local party Sprint store and see if I can talk my way in.... I figure I have a better chance than most with my wait list email... everyone else will just make up stories...

    Wish me luck...

    I will report back this evening....
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    Hope this thread helped some of you last night or this morning re stock/inventory at your party locations! It has been FUN!!! - ETU Pre, ETU....
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