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    Plantronics, who recently introduced the Voyager Pro headset (an upgrade to the Voyager 510, considered by many to be the gold standard of BT headsets), has given us a phone number we can call to test the audio quality of our headset/phone. It replays your voice back to you immediately and is kinda cool.

    When you get the Pre, you might want to try it out. Maybe even now on your current phone.

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    This is pretty cool.
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    I have the voyager pro and it lives up to the hype. The best headset I have ever owned
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    I like it. Sometimes you forget with cellphones how bad the sound quality really is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by releasemypre View Post
    I have the voyager pro and it lives up to the hype. The best headset I have ever owned
    Did you upgrade from the 510? I have it and it is great. LOUD. I'm waiting for the Best Buy exclusive to end on the Pro (I read at the end of the month). The price should come down a little and I'm happy that it has micro usb for charging. I'll have to get it.

    I don't mean to be shilling for Plantronics here...

    Did I say that there is a playful chick on the line?

    I learned of this on
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    I'm bumping this thread cause I just came home with a Pre from Santa Monica, CA. I got off work and drove by at 7am. There were about 15 people in line and I joined them. I'm in.

    Give the # a call and hear how you sound on your new Pre. Give the thread a bump too.
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    This is not a scientific test but I have just called the number a couple of times with my BB Flip on Tmo and with the Pre. I have full bars on each thanks to hotspot@home and the Airave I received yesterday.

    Both incoming and outgoing (and played back to you) call quality go to the BB Flip IMHO. How bout your phones? I think the chick on the other end digs me.
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    This is a great test - thanks! I was very curious about how the handset sounded, especially when using the stock headset that comes with the Pre. I'm impressed - the headset actually sounded better!
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    Thanks! The clairity of the pre is definitely better then my touch pro. That phone would always crackle and was just not as clear as the pre. Im so glad I switched to the pre Just cant wait to get my exchange (no SSL) acount working and Il be all set!

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