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    I figured I would make a thread so we all can figure out which locations will be the most crowded and which will not. Hope this helps!

    I'll be going to the Sprint store in North Miami, FL next to Starbucks or the one off of Pines.
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    Elkhart, IN or Mishawaka, IN
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    I would have liked to go to the store off of 54th in Phoenix, Az, but due to the fact that I am trying to switch from a defective HTC Touch Pro, I have to speak the manager at the location on McClintock and Southern in Mesa... :/
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    Syracuse, NY
    Home of the 2009 NCAA Division I men's lax champions.
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    Bellevue, WA sprint store
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    I aint tellin nobody.
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    Somewhere in South Jersey. I'll narrow it down the day before, depending upon which stores have been the most responsive/knowledgeable over the next 10 days. So far it's been nothing but inconsistent info, so I'm not betting on any of them right now.
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    somewhere in san antonio...i need to wait a little closer to launch for more info.
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    Not sure yet. When I spoke to the manager at my local store he told me that Premier customers would be getting an email soon. When I pushed him about June the 5th he wouldn't say anything. I told him he was being silly for being this secretive about whether they would be open for Premier customers on the 5th ! I'll give him a call early next week and see what he says then.

    Not in a super big rush, but it would be nice to get one on the 5th
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    I'm sure this thread's purpose is not going to be realized. (Not that I'm helping.)
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    I am going to the Midtown BestBuy which is located uptown. I already have my name on a Pre and Touchstone.
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    I will be going to either Sprint Store in Morrow, GA if they are opening later on the 5th. If not I will hit Best Buy or Walmart. My preference is Best Buy because of the IR.
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    Mclintock and southern is too far... south stapley or power and southern will work better... gonna stop by at night on the 5th to see if anybody's there... if not, 4-5am on sat will work....

    EDIT: that is if my premier email doesn't hook me up with a 5th pre...
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    In north Austin, I have 3 Sprint stores and 2 Best Buy's within 10 minutes if my house - and another 2 Best Buys an additional 5 minutes away.

    Or I may just order it via telesales and miss the madness as my son has a basketball tourney that weekend and I won't get to play with the Pre very much anyway. Also, I had rather activate it at home instead of in the store.
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    i went to a radioshack in suburbs of chicago yesterday and they told me only radioshacks in certain locations would carry the pre. most of the locations he said were either east/west coast and did say that no locations in chicago would carry them.
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    Orange Park Best Buy on Blanding. Roommate works there and confirmed there are no Pres in the warehouse and none on order with 10 days to go. Hmmmm
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    Minot, ND!!
    Make It Happen!!
    If you don't, who will?
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    That particular weekend I will be in Austin, TX, I will probably goto either the one at Guadalupe and 24th (if my premier member status got me one on Friday), or the one at 51st and I35 (if I were to buy it on Saturday).

    Of course I will check out any other sprint, bb, radioshack stores if above two were to sell out the device.

    If by any chance I would be in Dallas, I will visit the store at Oak Lawn
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    Escondido, Ca
    Corner of W Valley Pkwy and Escondido Blvd

    ... DON'T STALK ME!

    (Edit: It's a Sprint Store.)
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    New Berlin, WI
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