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    I'm gonna call the pasadena best buy and pasadena sprint store all next week to see what kind of info I can get. Then on the 5th, I'm gonna drive by those two stores periodically throughout the day just to see of people are camping out yet. If they are I'm gonna jump out and get in line if not I'll probably go home and check again around 2am and 4am and lastly 6am. Best case scenario is that I'm in line at 6am on the 6th.

    You can PM me if you want to team up!
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    Either of the 2 Sprint stores near me or the Best Buy right down the road, less than half a mile away.

    I am going to be "camping out" which means I'll sit in my car and play DS and when more than 2 people show up, if any, then I'll get out and get in line.

    If by 6am, nobody shows up, I'll roll down to BB and get it with the instant rebate.

    Stores are in Northville, MI.
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    Salt Lake City, UT not exactly sure which store yet.
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    Tucson, AZ - Best Buy on wetmore! gettin there 8PM...woowoo!
    Mike (FOOmanJEW) Jaret-Schachter
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    somewhere past them trees.....
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    Somewhere in San Jose, CA where there is a Sprint store, Best Buy and Radio Shack within 2 blocks of a Walmart. Not that hard to find out here.
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