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    What you are describing is being INHUMANE, far from free economics.

    I treat people with respect, all people.

    Your analogy is flawed.

    I have a few business ventures, and one of them is a retail business. I see no difference of me going to Costco and buying something in bulk and reselling it at the store for a profit.

    Argue all you want, but I disagree and have no empathy for those whom want a gadget VERY BAD (in this case launch day) but not lining up and preparing themselves for a highly anticipated gadget that WILL sale.

    We probably do not see eye to eye on this, but again I stand by my views. Lets just agree to disagree and move on.
    Sounds decent enough to me.

    Costco analogy is a bit different than what I was trying to convey. With the Pre, you were essentially talking about profiteering, which I do not agree with.

    Having said that, As long as you stick to nonessential goods, I could honestly care less.

    I just can't hate a man that goes to Costco, the great unifier. Heh.
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    Common decency? So that phone you purchaed, which is made in factories in asian countries for workers who get paid 2 cents a day, but you enjoy at a full market price so that one company can make a profit, thats worse? Not to offend, but you keep complaining, and ill keep thinking of ways to further myself!
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    What a total piece of junk thread.

    Just call me Berd.
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