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    Did you get all of your accessories on this site?
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    buy it and try it and if I don't like it I'll return it within the 30 days.
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    I will buy and if the service and phone dont meet my needs I will return it.
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    I'll Buy and keep forever (or until Pre 2 whichever comes first)
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    I'll buy first and then live with it. It can't possibly be worse than my current situation.
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    I'll buy it and am 99% sure I'll keep it.

    After seeing every video out there (especially the recent leaked emulator videos which have showed pretty much anything I could ever want to know), the battery life is the only thing that could make me return it at this point. The keyboard will be smaller than what I have now, but I'm sure I'll adjust to it.
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    If you make the decision with your brain then perhaps you may wait before you buy or if you make it with your heart then get in queue.

    For me as I will have to wait for it to come to the UK - it's review after review. Watch out for the Apple fanboys ambush!
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    As long as the company has a 30 day return policy, I ALWAYS buy then give it a try!!!! But I have a feeling, the Pre won't be getting returned!
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    buy then swap for pre2 whenever it comes out
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    I'll more than likely wait to see what others say about it... see what the issues are with the phone.

    If nothing I consider a "deal breaker" I'll buy without testing it myself. Although, I'm sure someone I know will have the phone... I have access to most phones now, though other people.
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    There have already been enough leaks, videos, and documents online that have convinced me to buy the Palm Pre. I will be going to my local Sprint store on June 6th to buy it! I'll also be adding reviews and videos on my site if anyone is interested.
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    Just curious if the same people criticizing us for wanting the pre on launch day tried out the Wii or PS3 before waiting in line and buying.... "Buy or buy not, there is no try"
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