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    ... and counting ...

    That damn countdown clock banner ad is driving me crazy!
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    HAHA I know grim I hit refresh hoping it will go quicker
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    Where is the countdown at?
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    Fortunate enough to be taking a vacation and I'll be coming back on the 4th so the time should go by pretty quickly for me.
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    Its also set for midnight...I won't get mine til 10 I have to add another 10 hours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grim View Post
    ... and counting ...

    That damn countdown clock banner ad is driving me crazy!

    LOL! You guys need a life.
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    My head hurts.
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    I stare at is so long, it freezes until I refresh it.
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    This sorta happens to me with electronic that im excited about too. Always checking for the lastest "leaks" and news about it.
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    I made a Vista countdown with the help from a convient little gadget.
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    11 days 2 hours 9 minutes

    For you Mac users here's a countdown widget:

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