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    drag and drop
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    So find it as a device, locate the pics then drag and drop?
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    Or just do the cloud thing... get Picasa and sync your pictures to Picasa Web Albums. Not only will they be available through your Pre, but also through any computer anywhere. And you'll be able to share them with people, if you'd like. Syncing files to a device is so... 2005.

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    So Picasa will be available as an app on the Pre?
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    No, it will pull the pics off the Pre's memory via usb
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eguy View Post
    No, it will pull the pics off the Pre's memory via usb
    That still requires you to plug it into your computer. There has to be a slicker way to do it. Hopefully you'll be able to publish directly to a Picasa or FLikr account with MMS or something. Kind of like Twitpic.
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    Even easier is bluetooth it over like I do now...
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    I'm sure Picasa will be available as an app at some not-too-distant point. I guess I didn't read your post very carefully -- I was thinking about moving pictures from your computer to a Pre. You were asking about moving them the other way around. For that, as Eguy pointed out, you can just plug in and have Picasa handle things automatically (Picasa now exists for Windows, OS X and Linux, so no worries).

    Loogie is right -- not very slick, but it will work in the meantime.

    I am sure there will soon be a Pre app for flickr and Picasa. I am not a developer, but I cannot imagine these would be difficult to write compared to some stuff that's going to come out. All you need is an uploader. If they can do this with EyeFi, they can surely do it with the Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrkalel View Post
    Even easier is bluetooth it over like I do now...
    Yeah. Why not bluetooth?
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    I haven't had a chance to try setting up Picasa to automatically connect to a bluetooth device and grab the pictures. I simply don't have a bluetooth camera to try it with. I know it works with a USB, SD, xD, etc. device (i.e. a storage device).

    If you can figure it out with BT, let us know how. That would be convenient. You can always do the drag-and-drop manually after you connect via BT, but I would prefer to connect via USB and have the uploading be automatic then connect wirelessly and have to manipulate the files by hand.

    Again, this may be trivial, I just haven't had a chance to try it.
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    There are potentially MANY different ways of doing this.. I see USB being the fastest, and most battery-friendly.

    You could do BT, but it might be even faster to just upload to the Sprint picturemail website. Since the Pre will directly support MMS, it's highly likely that it will access the Sprint Picturemail website.

    Personally, I am not a huge fan of the pm website--I'd rather just copy the pictures straight to my PC.

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