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    Quote Originally Posted by basrat View Post
    First let me say that even those discussing what the SDK doesn't have are probably violating any NDA in place, just as much as those exposing what is in the SDK.
    So by me saying I don't think the emulator does sound or video or multi-touch I am breaking an NDA I've never signed?

    Remember, its fairly obvious this thing has been leaked, and probably by the ones responsible for leaking it to the viewing public (i.e. Goon and Invisible Man) aren't under NDA. I am not so sure what Palm can do to them at this point...
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    So these guys are actually running legitimate versions of the SDK and hence the emulator? For some reason I assumed they were getting them from a leaked source I didn't know about. I've been searching for a copy for the greater part of the day.

    Either way, violating the NDA or not, we're going to know about all of this stuff in roughly two weeks. It's intriguing to see what nuances there are in the software it launches with. Anyone else find it humorous that on the page it threw a fit about there not being flash installed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ellianth View Post
    Does the emulator support multi-touch?
    I would assume that if the current one doesn't, future ones will. I don't know since I don't have the SDK yet, or I would try it out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beanis View Post
    Go Cougars!

    I hope that doesn't mean you will be competing with me for a Pre at the same store!
    Good to meet you Beanis...should be an interesting year...especially against Oklahoma in the season opener. Guess I better stop now lest someone give me a hard time about this not being a forum for sports!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sassy_Lina View Post
    How exactly are you suppose to demo multi-touch on a computer screen? I'm just wondering.
    Just thinking this through, you could hold down ctrl while clicking to indicate a horizontal finger or alt for a vertical...
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