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    From your first link.
    For the fourth quarter, Sprint lost $1.62 billion, or 57 cents a share. This is certainly better than the $29.45 billion, or a whopping $10.36 a share, it lost during the fourth quarter of 2007.
    So going from losing $30 billion to losing $1.5 billion isn't good news? I know losing money is still losing money. But when you also consider that the economy in the last quarter was much worse than 2007, it's quite an improvement.

    If you also did a little more reading, you'd find that Sprint GAINED 782,000 customers on their Boost Mobile system.
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    That doesn't get you any closer to proving that Sprint isn't a viable company. Your argument is still baseless and without merit.
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    i can't argue with someone who holds out "jordans" as haute couture.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stayfly View Post
    I'm sorry I had to expose sprint for what they are a second rate carrier, everyone knows it.
    That's another example of the type of "idotic statements" that was referred to earlier.
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    Obviously this guy is a troll, why he hasn't been banned is beyond my comprehension.
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    Wow. I'm surprised this thread hasn't been closed by Dieter already. Everyone just chill with the name calling and bashing.
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    geez, guys, can't a guy take a break.

    No personal attacks.

    No foul language.

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