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    1 more thing. Check how loud the vibrate feature is. I hate phones that sound like motorcycles when vibrating because of loose parts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MannyZ28 View Post
    Go on google maps while making a phone call...see if that works.
    Why would he test something that he already knows will not work? seems silly.

    Unless he was on WIFI.
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    Actually, we've heard conflicting report. Why not try it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lopezpm View Post
    Actually, we've heard conflicting report. Why not try it?
    The "conflicting reports," are from people who have absolutely NO idea what they are talking about.

    Sprint ABSOLUTELY does not support simultaneous voice and data.

    When on a call, you can send/receive texts, and that's it.

    When on a data session, it temporarily disconnects for incoming/sent texts, and temporarily disconnects when a call comes in. If you ignore the call, you can return to your data. If you accept, you have no data until the call is over.

    All of this depends on if you have an active WIFI connection. If you do, then obviously you can still browse/etc.
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    Check out (what's the key combination for taking screenshots on the Pre?) how PreCentral's front page and forum look like.

    And the updates, WTF?
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